Wednesday, December 03, 2008

13 years...

of marriage.


Yesterday was my wedding anniversary.  Well, mine and Erik's.

We're planning a trip to Zion National park this weekend.  It's where we spent our honeymoon, and where we like to return to just chill and reconnect.

The plan is to leave Saturday and return Monday, which led me to apply for a day off of work.  I can either take a personal day, no questions asked, and pay for a sub, OR I can apply for an "emergency" day which requires me to give an explanation.

I wrote, "It's my wedding anniversary and we have a special event planned."  How's that for a euphemism for, "Planning on having hotel sex"?

Monday, December 01, 2008

Spoiled Little Shit

So I was at my mom's house on Sunday going through her old Christmas decorations.  We found the old advent calendar that my Granny (dad's mom) used to send us every year.  It's a long embroidered candle with a with 24 rings.  She'd tie some kind of little wrapped gift on each ring, and we four kids would each take turns opening a present until Christmas day.

It's one of my favorite Christmas memories.

When we found it, and my mom offered to give it to me, I was thrilled and touched.  I went to the store today, and carefully selected some little gifts for Sophie and for Janzen.  I wrapped them in tissue, tied them with ribbon, and attached them on the candle.

Tonight, I unveiled the calendar, ceremoniously untied the first gift, (some lavender fizzy bath hearts) and gave it to Sophie to open. 

Her response?

"Oh crap.  I don't really like these."

So, I took the calendar down, told her I was going to give the presents to someone who would appreciate them, and sent her to bed.