Saturday, July 18, 2009

Home Run!

"Mommmm!   Geez--I'm going to second base!"


The above is what Soph yelled at me when I opened the door while she was going to the bathroom.
Apparently, she heard someone (probably her dad) talking figuratively about "first base" and "second base"--spun the idea through the crazy mess and marvel that is her 6 year old mind--added a little prior knowledge, and figured he must be talking about bathroom business.  I guess it makes sense in a way--number one/first base, number two/second base.

So now, when we walk the dog, it's "Ew...Jimmy just went to first base on that mailbox."

I haven't set her straight yet.  While I'm confident I could explain first base with no problem, bases 2, 3, and home plate are probably better covered sometime in the distant future--like at the 5th grade maturation program.

(Ok--maybe a little before that.  Lord.  I'm going to have to have the sex talk with my daughter some day.  I wonder how that will go.  Personally, I got most of my information from various Harlequin romances.  As you can imagine, I was slightly disappointed when my first encounter was nothing like "Savage Thunder."  Apparently he hadn't read the book.)