Sunday, January 04, 2009

A quick Soph (and Madeline) said...

So, big sis Mandy and I were shuttling Sophie and Madeline over to Grandma's house on New Year's Day, and the following conversation ensued.

Me:  Wow!  Look at all the snirt.
Madeline:  What's snirt?
Mandy:  Oh, it's something they said in Minnesota.  It's that gross mixture of snow and dirt on the side of the road.
Sophie: (Thinking for a minute)  What about snee?
Me: (Thick as a plank)  What's snee?
Madeline: (Catching on immediately) Yellow snow!  Snow and pee!
Sophie:  (Definitely on a roll now) And snoop!
Madeline: Or snoo!
Sophie: (Triumphantly) And SNARF!

Somehow, I don't think this is what the Eskimos had in mind with their 100 different words for snow.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Only 2 days...

of Christmas Vacation are left.

As always, depending on the slant of memory, it seems like it just started, and at the same time like it's been ages since I rolled out of bed at 6:00, hit the carpet running, and found myself sitting at my desk by 7:30.

Two other teachers and I held a SIOP training (strategies for English language learners and limited English proficient students) yesterday.  Getting ready was SO stressful.  The prospect of standing up in front of peers and telling them what's what is scary as fuck.  But, if I'm being totally honest, I think I did ok.  I always over prepare, particularly when I'm nervous, and that lead to a bit of a rushed feeling, but other than that, I don't think I made too much of a tit of myself.

(Want to know something else?  As much as I dreaded it, and as nerve wracking as it was, teaching a group of literate, reasonably interested, well behaved adults was kind  They even got most of my jokes.  In another life time, far into the future, it may be something I wouldn't mind doing as a regular gig.)

Christmas came and went with very little fanfare at our house.  Soph didn't really need, or surprisingly want much this year, and seemed pretty content with the few things we/Santa picked out for her.  She also really likes the keyboard Grandma gave her, and we like it too, now that we bought some head phones.  In addition to a few toys, she wanted one of those rolly-back-and-forth-ball-ice cream makers, so I went ahead and bought her one.  Ultimately E seems to have had the most fun with it.  The oatmeal scotchie cookie dough batch was pretty dang delicious.

Mandy came for a visit, and Soph was thrilled to see the Albuquerque cousins.  Things got off to a pretty rocky start.  The Krause kids are more independent, focused players, and Soph prefers everyone all mixed up together, engaging in as many shenanigans as possible.  But, by the last few days of the visit, they found some common ground and had a really fun time together.

Which leads to today.  Erik and Janz are doing a little sparring in the garage.  Sophie just delivered me a special drink (I'm pretty sure it's water and honey and maybe a little ketchup.) and is working through her usual Saturday morning activities.  She's played orphanage with her dolls, fed the Hungry Hungry hippos their breakfast, listened to me read her a little Junie B. Jones, and watched a little Sponge Bob.

As for me, I started my period at about 6:00 this morning, and am feeling pretty pokey.  It's time for me to get my ass out of bed, and begin to undeck the halls.  Which is not nearly as fun as decking them.  Less with the carols, snacks, and nog.  More with the sweating and swearing.  I may have to have an un-decking mai tai.  That's traditional, isn't it?