Sunday, January 04, 2009

A quick Soph (and Madeline) said...

So, big sis Mandy and I were shuttling Sophie and Madeline over to Grandma's house on New Year's Day, and the following conversation ensued.

Me:  Wow!  Look at all the snirt.
Madeline:  What's snirt?
Mandy:  Oh, it's something they said in Minnesota.  It's that gross mixture of snow and dirt on the side of the road.
Sophie: (Thinking for a minute)  What about snee?
Me: (Thick as a plank)  What's snee?
Madeline: (Catching on immediately) Yellow snow!  Snow and pee!
Sophie:  (Definitely on a roll now) And snoop!
Madeline: Or snoo!
Sophie: (Triumphantly) And SNARF!

Somehow, I don't think this is what the Eskimos had in mind with their 100 different words for snow.

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