Sunday, March 16, 2008

Signs you may be watching too much Food Network...

When your daughter has friends come over, she drags out her fake food and cooking stuff (and some of yours) and makes them play "Iron Chef America."

On a totally unrelated note, I just folded an ENORMOUS pair of purple panties that must be at least 14 years old. (Really enormous. I have to fold them like 4 times.)

No joke.

I remember buying the package when I was still living at home. Somehow I grabbed the wrong size, and, well, everyone knows the rules about returning panties. You just don't.

Somehow they became the back-up/back-up panties, and have survived moving, the dryer gnome, my dog and his disgusting preference for panty-snacks, and have had a place in my undies drawer for more than a decade.

So, comment whore wants to know, what is the oldest article of clothing that you own? Why do you still have it? Do you remember how you came to own it?


~A~ said...

I have a Chuck.E.Cheese t-shirt from when I was a kid. My kids won't wear it though.

As far at the oldest articles of clothing. I have a red flannel shirt that was Rob's, but he liked one I had better and we traded. That was back in high school. I have, and still wear on occasion when I need a spirit lift, my 20 hole black patten leather doc martins. I have a few other articles of clothing left over from my high school days, that I wear every now and then. So those are my oldest.

Katiemagic said...

My size 6 jeans from 8 years ago that I can't bring myself to throw away.

I'm pretty good about purging clothing. Probably because I buy shit that has holes after only a few months.

NME said...

Iron Chef America sounds like an excellent game.

I still have my concert Tshirt from NIN's Downward Sprial tour. In recent years I only wore it to be. And now it's so threadbare that I can't even do that. But I can not throw it away. I never bought many concert Tshirts but I loved that tour and it just reminds me of a certain ERA of me that I can't throw away.

JJisafool said...

I arrived late and a little drunk to my Retail Advertising class senior year of college (14 years ago). We had a guest speaker that day, and he found me entertaining. As I answered the most questions, he threw me a blue t-shirt from a local radio station. The cheap silkscreen faded in about three washes. I still use it as an undershirt occasionally, and my wife will steal it for bed, but it's barely hanging on to life. You can pretty much see through it, and the collar and cuffs are frayed. Sure is comfy, tho.