Monday, July 21, 2008

Snippity Snapshots

My gal pal just sent me some very sweet photos of Soph.  As I, her mother, haven't seen fit to take any pictures of her in the past 4 months, I'm sure glad someone else has.

The first two have a bit of a story behind them.  Soph's two best friends are dare devils.  She is not.  So when they thought up the awesome plan of towing one another behind the Barbie Jeep in a bike egg, she immediately said, "Woah girls.  I'm going to need my helmet for that one!"
Barbie_jeep_006 Barbie_jeep_001
Here the two of us are at the Montessori Mothers' Day  party.
And this last one is just a day at the park early in the spring.
In further news, I made plans for her birthday party today.  Even if I only invite kids who invited her to their birthday this year, I'm going to end up with about 15.  Plus grandmas, and great grandmas, and other genetic hangers on.  We've officially outgrown ice cream at Grandee's.  So I bit the bullet, reserved a pavilion at the city park, and ordered up a bounce house.  It's too pricey, but I'm hoping that the grandmas will contribute to the bounce house in lieu of buying her more crap.  If any of y'all are in town on August 9th, join us for some sweet, sweet, bouncy fun.

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