Monday, November 24, 2008

Because I promised myself I would...

here is today's blog.

Blogging is the closest thing I have to a hobby (sad) so I'm determined to spend some time at it every day.

(Sits and waits for inspiration.)

(Considers feeding Sophie a Kid Cuisine for dinner.)

(Gets up and microwaves least healthy meal known to man for Sophie.)


(Wonders if should admit that daughter is eating dinner in front of the TV.  In her room.  No.  Don't tell them.  The frozen dinner is enough.  Combined with the tv, in the room no less, crosses the line from "keepin' it real" to "admitting defeat.")

(Casts about for something.  Anything.)

(Twilight?  Would they think I am a total middle aged teen romance reading/watching freak?  It wasn't TERRIBLE.  Fine cinema, no; cheezy, yes; vapid, at times; entertaining, well, yeah.  And I did say Cedric Diggory was super hot YEARS ago.  YEARS.  Except for those times when he looks like Pete Doherty.  But they probably wouldn't believe me.)

(Should I mention E's colon issues?  No way.  He'd shit.)

Well, apparently I have nothing to say today.  Here's hoping that tomorrow Sophie says fuck in front of her grandma or something.

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