Sunday, August 02, 2009

And then she turned 34...

I kind of hate birthdays.  It's like you should be having lots of fun and feeling very special, but ultimately it's just another day and while it's nice to get some cash and not have to do the dishes, I kind of wonder if it's worth the trouble.

Snapshots from the last few weeks:
  • Janzen watching in awe as I unloaded my first Costco haul.  After he watching me put away the lifetime (well, 3 month anyway) supply of paper towels, toothpaste, laundry soap, etc., he asks, "Geez Boo. Is this for when the zombies attack?"
  • Sitting on the porch at the Jorgensen family cabin all day with my dear Jen.  Nothing better to do than watch the Quaky leaves quake.  Perfect.
  • Making my first ringer in horseshoes.
  • Cleaned out my closet.  Finally.
  • Trying to find some jeans that fit with Soph...both of us struggling and unsuccessful.  Her saying, "Mom, trying on pants just makes me too emotional."
  • The first red cherry tomato from the garden.
  • Turing the calendar over to August, realizing that school is starting any second now, and I am not ready.
  • Having the first truly, truly ugly fight with my husband in years.  Then making up and realizing that I truly, truly do love this man.
  • Watching Soph gear up for her first jog with dad (her idea).  Shoes on the right feet--check.  Headband--check. Shaker cued to Dancing Queen--check.  The girl is ready to rumble.
  • Sitting through my first visit to the dentist in WAY longer than I feel comfortable disclosing to anyone.  Even the hygenist.  Do I floss?  Ummm.  Sure.  You bet.  No cavities (I've never had even one.) but the punishment for my lack of dental care is now a series of fairly painful "deep cleanings."
  • Celebrating Erik's birthday with a picnic at Cedar Breaks--just us and the kids.

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