Monday, September 11, 2006

Been a long night

The good: Sophie and I watched The Sound of Music—kind of.
The bad: She LOVES, with a burning, burning passion the puppet/yodeling scene, and refused to watch the movie past that point. Yodel, rewind, yodel, rewind, yodel, rewind, “Lay-ee-yodle-lee-ee-yodle-ay—Whew!”
The ugly: I’ve had terrible insomnia the last 3 nights. As I lay in bed, unsleeping, for hours, that fucking song runs through my head over, and over, and over again. If I ever chance to meet that one little girl in a pale pink coat or that son-of-a-bitching goatherd, I will strike down upon them with furious vengeance. With a baseball bat. With nails in it.

Now then. The Soph update:

She’s back in school and loving it. The morning of her first day back, she was slightly nervous. She kept telling me all the things we do and don’t do at school—kind of reminding herself of the rules. When I kissed her good morning: “Mommy, we don’t kiss at school. Only hug.” When she lay down on the couch to watch her morning show: “Mommy, we don’t lay down under the table at school.” When she was helping pack her lunch, and I put in some (bad Mommy) chocolate frosting for her to dip her graham cracker sticks: “Mommy, we don’t bring candy to school. But frosting is ok. Is it Mommy? Is frosting ok?” When I called her a silly-pants for sneaking the frosting out of the fridge and eating it with her fingers while I had a shower: “Mommy, we don’t call names at school. Rennin called me a pee-pee noney. Will Rennin call me a pee-pee noney today Mommy?” When I asked her to put her toys away: “Mommy, we don’t play at school. There are no toys. We do WORK Mommy. But the work is fun Mommy. It’s LEARNING fun Mommy. But we can play OUTSIDE Mommy.”

This weekend it seemed to be her goal to have as much of the surface area of her body on my body as possible. She didn’t want to just be BY me, she wanted to be ON me.

Her vocabulary continues to be hilariously astounding. Last week she jumped in my mom’s hot tub and announced, “Wow! I’m pretty buoyant!” Later the same day, she came to me with a toothache (Damn. Still need to make that appointment with the pediadontist) and reported, “I have such an affliction.”

Me update:

Well, I don’t want to talk about that, do I? Thus, the not blogging for several days. I’m fine. Fine. Fine. Fine.

Today’s best thing about being a mom:
This morning at 5:30 (She woke up at 5:15! I don’t want to talk about that either.) we waltzed together to her “Kid Songs” DVD.

Today’s worst thing about being a mom:
This morning at 5:30 (She woke up at 5:15! I still don’t want to talk about it.) we waltzed together to her “Kid Songs” DVD.


Katy said...

2/3s of the smith sisters rise from the depths of the bloggiverse black hole. Need ice cream? Or a pedicure?

rob said...

Funny...I did the exact same thing when I was a kid. Only, it wasn't school. It was the Klan.

"Mommy, we don't have time out in the Klan."

"Mommy, we don't floss in the Klan."

"Mommy, we don't tolerate inter-racial couplings or pickled beets in the Klan."

I sure was a cute little kracka.

lonna said...

I think that many of us are having to be happy with just feeling "fine" these days. I hope things improve for you. Buoyant and affliction are amazing. Wow, what a little genius you have. And I'm with ya on the 5 o'clock hour thing. What's up with that?

~A~ said...

Rob didn't make it far in his Klan Klasses due to the fact he has such a passion for pickled beets.

the beige one said...

I always wondered about the McGregor Klan.

Miss Uz J, I'm just happy to have a new entry. GD!

NME said...

I think my love of The Sound of Music would be forever damaged if I too had to watch that goat herd scene repeatedly. But Julie Andrews is so sweet, so lovely, so fun, so pure! And that VOICE. I have an unexplained abnormal love for her that I've never shared with anyone. Ahem.

Wow! I want to learn how to program my child with the rules like that. Can you find out their technique?

I'm sorry you are FINE. I wish you to be even FINER.

patrice said...

damn, girl, you sho ARE fine. in fact, you FOOOOOOOOOOINE.

talk to me.

Kodi said...

That Soph is a pistol. Hey, I have some books and jewelry that Kiri doesn't want anymore. Think Soph might enjoy them? Give me a call on my cell.