Sunday, December 03, 2006

...and a pony and a race car and...

I put up all the Christmas Crap today: tree, wreath, stockings, etc. If I wanted to, I could blog about Christmas light trauma, but I really don't want to relive it. To summarize, lights attached to the tree are a great idea--until the lights quit working.

Instead, here is Sophie's Santa letter, as dictated to E this morning at 6:30 while I was still asnooze in my bed.

Dear Santa Clause,

My name is Sophie Gene.

I want a (Like how she cuts right to the chase?)

1. Super Rocket Snowboard
2. Racer Scooter
3. Dinosaur set for Dad
4. Pom Pom
5. A baby like Bianca's
6. Polly Pocket set with a Jacuzzi, camera, and sunglasses
7. Music box
8. Magnet set that makes a cool monkey
9. Phone number set
10. Glowing Ariel that sings
11. Pom pom sister wig
12. Digging dinosaur bones set
13. Pop up elephant that pops up butterflies
14. My own sproinging Christmas tree
15. A green and pink basket for Bianca
16. My own carriage with real horses
17. Cleaning list like Cinderella's
18. Ariel Vanity

I've been good.


I'm afraid she's going to be pretty disappointed. Last year she played with most of her Christmas toys for about 1 day. The Disney Princess talking vanity was a total piece of shit. The Polly Pocket beading machine was worse than a piece of shit. It was a piece of shit with eighty-million pieces and a battery. She's getting a scooter, a couple of new Barbies, and the rest of her stuff is going to be well made, and learning/craft centered--not because I'm a good granola mommy, but because that's the stuff she plays with.

That said, Christmas is such a good influence on Miss Sophie Gene. I feel equal parts hella guilty (you know--because of the lying and coersion) and elated, but the "be good or Santa won't bring you any toys" works like a fucking magic charm with that girl. I'm serious. She's totally minding, picking up her shit, and did I mention, minding? This weekend was absolutely dreamy. It must be so nice to be the parent of a child that does what you say--like--all the time. Oh--and after she finished her Santa letter, she drew a picture for Mrs. Santa because, "Mommy, I bet Mrs. Santa doesn't get very much mail."

Today's best thing about being a mom:
Seeing Christmas through the eyes of someone who still thinks it's magical and wonderful and not a huge damn pain in the ass. Oh, and watching "The Grinch." Not the Jim Carrey one. The awesome old-school one with Boris Karlof.

Today's worst thing about being a mom:
Well I ever, ever be able to sleep in until noon on a Sunday again?


amandak said...

The kids and I watched the Grinch tonight, and I put up the damn tree yesterday.

Let the season begin.

Katy said...

I haven't watched the grinch yet but have put up TWO trees (one of them twice) and had to rewrap the lights on my little one TWICE because I just couldn't get it through my head that the pluggy end went on the bottom!!! DUR!!! Let the insanity begin...ooooooohhhmmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

You are way ahead of me, I haven't decorated shit. Really don't want to either, but Kiri would kill me if I didn't. However, all of the gift shopping is officially finished. Now for the wrapping. Fuck, seems like it never ends. Inject me with some holiday cheer, will ya?

rob said...

8. Magnet set that makes a cool monkey

Usually I just ask for gift cards to Macy's for Christmas. I think I'ma switch up this year and ask for whatever this thing is that Soph wants.

I would totally stab a retarded kid in the face for a magnet set that makes a cool monkey.

NME said...

I would be happy to give Sophie a cleaning list. Put that kid to work.

I'm sure she will love all the stuff she gets that she didn't even know she wanted.

Mark said we're not getting a tree until the 16th - but I don't know if Noah is going to last that long. He's SO excited and it's going to be the only thing that gets me through the holidays.

Kat said...

I love The Grinch! I hope Sophie never loses that magical Christmas spirit! Too sweet about sending Mrs. Clause a picture.

Stine said...

A very thoughtful child who really knows what she wants. I like that.

Anonymous said...

I need to know what a pom pom sister wig is. I have a picture in my mind, but I don't think it's right.

I LOL'd myself while reading. you're fantastical.

Missuz J said...

P & R

If you happen to figure out what either of those items are, please let me know. :)

Anonymous said...


I have to ask, though: Is there such a thing as an uncool monkey?