Monday, December 18, 2006

Have a Happy Zappy Christmas!

My top 5 favorite things about Christmas, this year. (Less than 50% are dairy related. Sweet.)

5. Clam dip
4. Going to Sophie's school and having the cute little girl with the speech impediment rave and rave to me about her new "kitty" pronounced, "titty." (Ok, not super Christmas related, but pretty freakin' funny none the less.)
3. Having cute Soph-made Christmas decor to hang up.
2. Peppermint stick blizzards
1. Listening to Soph sing her new favorite made-up song, "Have a happy, zappy Christmas."

Oh--and honorable mention goes to this outfit she opened last night from her Aunt Karynn. Too Cute.

My top 5 most hated things about Christmas this year.

5. The gravy boat nonsense.
4. Bronchitis
3. Christmas light malfunctions
2. Being dragged into the living room to see every toy commercial and being informed that that is what she REALLY wants. Tough kitties. The Santa shopping is done.
1. Gift anxiety

Today's best thing about being a mom:
We're having our first "Mommy and Sophie" day in a long, long time. I've been making an effort today to just enjoy her company.

Today's worst thing about being a mom:
Her god-damn bedroom is so filthy, again. I know she can't tackle a mess like that on her own. When are kids old enough to REALLY clean their own room--not just throw shit in the closet?


Katy said...

OMG! That is my all time fave pic of Soph...this month. Must have that in a frame. So sassy.

rob said...

When are kids old enough to REALLY clean their own room--not just throw shit in the closet?


NME said...

That picture is fan-freakintastic. Sassy indeed.

Clam dip? That sounds nasty. Please explain.

I don't look forward to Christmas toy commercial demands. That is ugly stuff. But kiddie designed decor - that is awesome. I need someone else to decorate. We can't even put our damn tree up straight. It looks like the leaning tree of Pisa.

amandak said...

Seeing how I just cleaned up my room today by throwing everything in the closet, I'm saying... never.

Darling picture. Can't wait to see you. We should talk soon.

~A~ said...

Great picture.

And Elf has the same speach thing.

Imagine my surprise the day he came up to me and said how much he loves fweet titties. (sweet kitties).

Lyam said...

Hey, I like fweet titties, too. Not cats, though; I'm allergic.