Sunday, June 03, 2007

Wanna see something cute?

In case you hadn't noticed, I'm going to try and post at least a little something on the blog daily this summer. More time on my hands = more computer time, and I'd rather spend the time here than checking out Nicole Richie's current weight (My first cassette tape, by the way, was Lionel Richie's "Can't Slow Down.") or Brittany's current crotch shot.

Now then. I haven't posted any pictures of Soph for a while. These aren't WAY new, but they're only about 5 weeks old. Behold the cuteness:

And now...back by popular demand...

Today's best thing about being a mom:
Apparently, today is fun with straws day. First, we made sculptures using straws and pipe cleaners. Then we played straw hockey, (otherwise known as blowing a packing peanut across the table using a straw) and currently, Soph's doing some straw painting. GT.

Today's worst thing about being a mom:
Soph has this friend--EK--and her mom is a teacher at the Montessori school and they are WAY, WAY Mormon. They are more Mormon than Joseph Smith drinking a diet, caffeine free coke, and turning to his third wife to say "Oh my fetching heck! Brother Ephram needs us to take some green jello down to the ward house for the primary social." She keeps coming home talking about Heavenly Father and telling me that we're really sisters because we all lived in heaven before we were born and Jesus can make us perfect and I AM PISSED! Yesterday was the last straw, when she came home Heavenly Fathering again, and I've decided that I am going to call EKs mom. What I'd like to do is rip her a new asshole. But instead, I'm going to ask her to please preface any religious talk with the phrase "we believe" and not present this stuff to Soph as if it were the bible truth. It's a matter of respect. Ok. I could write another 3 pages of rant on this, but I'm done.


NME said...

So I haven't been totally absent just silent. Sorry. I can steal a second the read but can't formulate a comment in the same second. So let me catch up.
I think the middle house sounds grand. You will find plenty of outdoor public space for Soph. Glad you are keeping best/worst. And I'm sure your former students see you and think the same thing - and I'm sure that isn't what you want. So chill out. As you should know teachers are just people.
And last but not least - the pictures are hella cute, the Heavenly Father thing is insane and I had no idea straws were so fun. Have I mentioned you rule?
Oh - and as for your most recent comment on my blog - we got a turbo too. We looked at the X, XS and XT - but the one with the best price etc just happened to be a turbo. I wasn't looking for that extra but it's a bit nice to have a little extra takeoff.

lonna said...

Yes, I want to see something cute and yes, these pictures certainly count. Wow, Sophie is so big and so happy.

Good luck with the religion conversation. Sophie's going to be bombarded with it all the time as an adult. There's no reason to start so young. Wait until she can make up her own mind. But of course extreme believers think that you can't start young enough. Sigh.

JJisafool said...

Have you seen "Jesus Camp" yet?

Missuz J said...

JJ--No, should I?

the beige one said...

Darn it! Every time I get all hepped up to come here to see what you're up to, I get another post about the cuteness or irascibility of your kid!


A "Mother of Two" said...

Cute pictures of Sophie! Your posts are great too.

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Religion topic - good luck!