Saturday, April 19, 2008

Back in the day

My allergies are getting WAY out of had. Today I had to call in the big guns--The Claritin D. I hate this stuff. It makes me feel all hot and itchy and creepy.

So--I'm pretty much just trying to keep my shit together and not loose my composure. To that end, I was lying on my bed with a pillow on my face (ok, maybe the composure is a little lost) just letting my racing thoughts fight it out amongst themselves. Here's who won.


That's right. Somehow, they ended up on jumpsuits. Particularly the two super sweet jumpsuits I owned, loved, and wore between 1989 and 1992.

My first jumpsuit was pink and white striped. It had silver snaps down the front, and I wore it in the eighth grade. I accessorized it with big white zig-zaggy hoop earrings and a silver banana clip (which was ultra sweet with my crimped hair). And let me tell you, I looked hot. That is not sarcasm. It is the truth. If I recall correctly, a boy fell in love with me because of that jumpsuit (well, that and my impressive rack).

Ryan Paris. Both of our families were Navy, and had been coincidentally stationed together twice. When I was 4 and he was 6, we somehow ended up in the tub together. His mom filled it with bubbles, and told us not to stand up. He kept threatening to stand up, and told me that he would unless I took a bite of soap. I did.

Several years later, he and his family came to Carmel to visit on their way to their next station--Japan. I had a party to go to, and was decked out in my fine and foxy jumpsuit. He took one look, and was besotted. Of course, he didn't say anything, but sent me a very, very intense letter from Asia declaring his undying love for me and begging me to write back. Being a self-centered bitch of a 13 year old, I don't think I did.

My next jumpsuit was bright green and laced up the front. Kind of a cross between MC Hammer pants and a renaissance bustier. I wore it in '91, as a sophomore, and totally rocked it as well. During spring break, big sis and I hit downtown St. George (Souther Utah's Spring Break mecca) and rocked that scene. My mom would shit if she knew how many Jeeps we jumped in and out of that day, or the number of complete strangers we gave our numbers to.


Comment whore wants to know...

What was your most fabulous '80s/early '90s outfit? Details please.


~A~ said...

I miss my fluorescent green sweatshirt with the fluorescent pink, orange, yellow and blue numbers "1985" on it.

NME said...

Around 16 I remember a bunch of leggings, long sweaters, giant hoop earrings and vests.

And honestly I don't know that I've ever rocked anything I've worn. Your confidence is impressive.

D mother of 2 said...

My most favorite outfits (because there is a tie) consist of mini skirts. The first was a pink pleather (the name wasn't invented at the time) with zippers everywhere: up both thighs to reveal a little more leg, to open/close pockets, etc. I don't remember the shirt I wore with it because the skirt was enough. The second skirt was one of those straight in the back and the two layers of ruffles in the front, oh and "acid washed". This I rocked with a cropped crew necked sweatshirt with the "new" coke logo on it (in middle school there was a new coke!). I was HOT...seriously.

Stine said...

The tie-dyed dress that still sits lovingly in my closet waiting for "that moment" when I will be able to fit into it again without looking like an "almost 40 bless her heart trying to remember the good old days" former acid queen.

Goodbye blue sky.