Monday, May 12, 2008

The end of an era

Soph has been attending the local Montessori school for the past 3 years. A week from Thursday, and that chapter of our lives will be closed. It makes me sad. That little house has been such a big part of our lives, and it's been so great for her. I feel so confident in the foundation she's built there, and know the rest of her education has a very solid place to rest. She has had the same teacher--the most steady, straight forward woman I've ever met--for three years. I don't think she'll ever have that kind of educational stability again.


I will not be one bit sad to have that extra three hundred smackaroos in the bank every month.

We're also coming to the end of her first year of kindergarten. She climbed in bed with me VERY early on Sunday morning (2ish) in tears because it had really hit home with her (at 2 a.m.???) that she had only 2 more weeks with her beloved Mrs. Wood. I swear to God--this woman was genetically engineered to teach kindergarten. Soph spent literally an hour talking about how much she LOVES Mrs. Wood. I love her too, and will miss her as well, but I will NOT miss Utah's crappy half day kindergarten. Two and a half hours is just barely worth the trouble.

On the flip side, I have her 1st grade teacher all lined-up (one of the MANY benefits of having a grandma as the school secretary) and I think Miss. Bagley is going to be great. She's a little young, but seems very with it. Also, she is so kind to Soph already. In fact, she (Miss Bagley, not Soph) is getting married in a couple of weeks, and sent Soph her very own invitation--which has a special place of honor on the refrigerator.

As for me, I'd give myself a C+ at best this year. My teaching wasn't awful, but I hit a bit of a wall. I'm just ready for the summer, and a chance to go through all my shit, and start fresh next year.

Comment whore would like you to please...

recommend a nice gift for me to give Sophie's teachers at the end of the year. They have both been such a blessing to her--and to me--and I want them to know that they're appreciated.


NME said...

WOW! Sophie is in first grade. Insane.

$300 a month for Montessori is CHEAP!

HA! I wish I had half day kindergarten for Noah but they did away with it in Philly because it was impractical for most.

Gift certificates really are the best. Even in small denominations. I gave Noah's teachers small Dunkin Donuts gift cards at Christmas. So I recommend something like that. Maybe to Grandees? Isn't that your ice cream place?

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry. I have been in my own little bubble for the past 6 months. I have just caught up on all your blogs, because I'm a bad friend and never feel like doing anything anymore.
Anyway, I want you to know that I miss you too. I'm glad we got to hang for a bit today and talk. Sometimes I forget how wonderful it is to just sit and talk with you.
You said in your blog you were worried that you had said something to upset me and that is why I never come around anymore. That isn't it at all. I just feel so emotionally drained by everything, I can barely find the energy to take a shower. I haven't even gone horseback riding in forever. It's totally me and all my sad, depressing baggage. It is not you at all. YOU are wonderful. I'm a useless lump.
I promise to kick myself in the butt more often, and come see you. I love ya, babe.
P.S. I have even forgot my damn password to my blogspot account. So I'm going anonymous (This is Kodi by the way, which I'm sure you already figured out)

OMH said...

I would do a "book of memories" written by Soph of course and then attach a gift certificate for a massage or manicure - pedicure. These are short term items that's why I suggested a little book of memories maybe have Soph draw pictures and tell you what to write.

WAIT WAIT A DARN SECOND - why are you asking us? Your the teacher you should know what you like to get...........ummmm I know how about a gift card for some one on one time with Soph for one day a week all summer long :) - think of all things you could get done with one day at home and no kiddo :)

~A~ said...

Here in WA we give Starbucks giftcards. But for our Kindergarten I have found these cool no sew quilt sets where the kids can decorate the squares. I think it was at S&S craft supply.

reddirtgirl said...

Gift certificate for sure. Prepare yourself! Sage cried every night for almost a month because she missed her kindergarten teacher. And then again off and on for another 3 or 4months. Seriously.