Sunday, November 27, 2005

Happy Hallo-thanks-mas!

Hallo-thanks-mas--is the holiday that is apparently being celebrated at my house. Several Halloween window-clings remain clinging to the windows--along with 2 pumpkins in the window sill, and 3 little blow up ghosts hang near them. My table is bedecked with my lovely harvest runner, and the refrigerator holds the scanty remains of the Thanksgiving leftovers. Christmas lights twinkle outside (yes, it's 11:00 am, and I still haven't turned them off from last night) and the wreath I threw together last night adorns the door. Hallo-thanks-mas.

So--Thanksgiving went off basically without a hitch. My pies were a success. I tried something new with the pumpkin--and everyone LOVED it. The recipe is here, (I cheated and used canned pumpkin.) It's sweetened with real maple syrup and brown sugar. Of course, mom got a little martyr-ish, and hurt Katy's feelings a bit, but (I hate to say it) that's kind of to be expected.

Spending time with Mandy, I think, tops my list of the things I was most thankful for. We had a kick-ass time Friday night with Kods, Jen, Paul, and Katy, throwing back some vanilla rum and cokes and margaritas and playing games. The dominoes (prison rules, of course) were great--enhanced by Katy's new word--dominojo.

dominojo (n): a combination of the word "domino" and "mojo." It is the higher energy of the domino--and one possessing it can do no domino wrong. ex. "My dominojo was in full effect last night when I totally kicked Paul's ass at dominoes."

The Uno was also the bomb. Jorgensen house rules include everyone passing their cards in the direction of play whenever a 2 is put down, having the option to trade cards with any player when playing a 7, and being required to say something vulgar (Kodi won that one with "Jesus fucked me up the ass."), do a sexy dance (Jen took that prize--something about a moist towlette?), or make a barnyard animal sound when playing a wild draw four.

There was a BIT of tension when Mr. Dail dared argue with me (ME! The mistress of all evil!) about the presence of dolphins in the Guns n' Roses video for "November Rain." There totally ARE dolphins in that video--swimming down the street for no reason. If you'd like to tell him that I am right about this matter (which I looked up on line just to make sure--and was, again, RIGHT!) drop him a comment here. (FUCK FUCK FUCK! The dolphins are in Estranged--which, in my defence, is part of the same video trilogy that included November Rain. No--I'm not a huge G&R fan--but I am a huge fan of BEING RIGHT--which, I am not. 11/27 5:45)

So now, I'm beginning to think about Christmas shopping for Mrs. Sophie. As her favorite 3 toys of all time are--1) Paper towels, 2) a bamboo place mat and 3) a giant plastic candy cane, I kind of hate to drop $90 on the Disney Princess Magic Vanity that she's had her eye on. As for the baby sister that she asked Santa Clause for the other day, I'm afraid that she'll have to settle for a Cabbage Patch Baby.

Today's best thing about being a mom:
Soph's cold pink cheeks after playing outside in the first show of the season.

Today's worst thing about being a mom:
Soph's cold pink hands, on my bare stomach, after same play session.


rob said...

"The quilted, cuteness picker upper...Bounty!"

Upon examining that photo more closely, I had a bit of a fright as it looks like Soph is holding onto her foot...which is turned 180 degrees in the wrong direction. Then I came to realize that it's actually your foot and that my mind made the assumption that it was hers because the pajama bottoms match.

Then I came to realize that you were wearing pajamas that matched your daughters which makes the whole thing that much more adorable.

Katy said...

Costco has BIG things of paper towels, she'd be thrilled. Dominoes was the bomb, sorry I went a little martyr there near the end. It was the lack of alcohol talking :)

Jen said...

At least paper towels and placemats are cheap. I am sure her favorite toys will get more expensive with time. Cute pic.

Kodi said...

I had a fantastic time at your house, and hangin with Mandy was the best. I was going for shocking with my vulgar phrase, and ended up shocking myself the most and laughing so hard my face was contorted. Love ya.

lonna said...

We still have two little pumpkin clings in Dermot's room. He points to them every morning when I raise his blinds, so I don't have the heart to take them down.

Congrats on your pie success. I made brownies for our Thanksgiving because I have been craving them. Yum.

Ethan's favorite vulgar phrase is "Jesus fucks me at every turn" or some variation of that. I'm used to it, but I would assume that many people would be offended by that. I'm waiting for the day when Dermot says that out loud. Oh boy.

We haven't decided on Christmas gifts yet either. I think that we're going to see what everyone else gets him and then get what he didn't get. I want to get him a Cabbage Patch Baby, but I can't find a boy one around here. I'm going to have to order one I think.

My friends added rules to Uno too. If someone plays a draw two or wild draw four on you, you can pass it along if you have a matching card. So if someone says wild draw four red and you have a wild draw four. You can put down the wild draw four and choose your own color and make the next person draw 8 cards. Same goes with skip and reverse.

NME said...

I am totally coming to your house to play Uno. I bet you folks play some kick ass Yahtzee too.

I think we might get Noah some wrapping paper leavin's for Christmas. And if's he's lucky some empty tape dispensers.

patrice said...

god, after trying to figure out which $60 playstation games I have to get trent this year, I wish he liked to play with paper towels. I totally think you should get her some. stocking stuffers, literally.

I want to play uno with you guys too, dammit. I never even thought to play with extra rules. I can't even fathom what sean would say for his vulgarity. though it would probably be a quote from a movie, like your mother sucks cocks in hell or something.

KATIEmagic said...

That sounds like my kind of Thansgiving! Oh how I miss board games, or games of any kind. I can't get Kent to sit still long enough to play.

A Man without a Band said...

Jennifer asked Monday night if I had read your blog, saying something about how you were right about November Rain, so I was actually writing to give you permission to call and rub it in (that's what I would do, after all), but hey, hey, hey, what's that? No dolphins? Okay, I'll leave it at that.

Anyway, yes, Saturday was great. I was actually looking forward to it from the time you mentioned it. Family can be fun and all (sometimes?) but I really like getting together with friends for the holidays... and saying obscene things. Hope I didn't spur on too much competitiveness (I had to ask Jennifer the next morning). I want to still be allowed to play, too.

Anyway, see you soon.

A Man without a Band said...

competitiveness? that's a word, right?

amandak said...

I know it goes without saying, but thank you so much for everything! It was so great to see you and your sweet family. I really would have liked to just hide out at your house the whole time, and the time I did get to spend there was a needed break, and a damn good time too. I did successfully get the pics from my 'new' camera to talk to my computer, so I'll try to get some up in the next day or so. Love you tons!! Can't wait for X-Mas!!!!!!

Kat said...

Sounds like a great holiday! I love the extra UNO rules! I think games are so much fun and personalized rules are the best.