Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Great Dane

Because I know you were on the edge of your seats (I almost typed seat of your pants), here is the final product for International Children's Day. I hit Walmart and found a cute little skirt and blouse on clearance that were Scandinavian-ish. Then I bought a cheep lace table runner and some white ribbon and fashioned her a little cap and apron.

As you can see from the other kids' "costumes, " I may have placed a bit more importance on International Children's Day than was necessary. Oh well. I'll know next year.

Oh--what kind of food did my little Danish princess take today? Wait for it....Wait for it....

Today's best thing about being a mom:
Sometimes getting things right

Today's worst thing about being a mom:
Regulating candy intake on Halloween


Katy said...

So freakin cute!! Oh wait... "We don't say freak". Anyway, your child is adorable and your fantabulous. Love you so.

JJisafool said...

Regulating the candy is a bitch. She just wears me down. Sometimes she sneaks up on me. I swear she waits until she can tell I'm distracted and not ready for a fight.

She also seems too smart for the "go ahead, eat until you puke" thing - she stops at "breakneck hyperactivity."

That's one cute kid you got there.

NME said...

Excellent. I knew you'd pull together a kick-ass look. Right down to the Danish high tops! You rule. And of course Ms. Sophie would look cute in a paper bag.

Beth said...

Sophie looks ab-so-freakin'-lutely adorable! I tend to lurk around here but post very rarely...but had to say that you did an amazing job with very little time to do so.

And regarding the other kids' costumes and that you may have worried a little too much...I'll tell you something - that extra effort is a huge deal. Even if lil' Sophie is too young to have her friends make a big deal out of her costume, I'm SURE her teachers/adults at school made a big deal out of how cute she looked, and you know what, that makes all the difference in the world. She's special, and she should be made to feel that way.

Take care,

~A~ said...

Soph looks great. You did awesome. Those other parents.... slackers.

Thanks for reminding me that there are candy buckets down low. Not that it makes a difference.

lonna said...

She looks fantastic! I love the head scarf. What a cutie. I'm glad that things turned out so great. MMM...Danish

patrice said...

first - I love that you're posting more.

second - I love when people use "fashion" as a verb.

third - she looks fantastic and you did a great job.

Stine said...

You're so resourceful. Soph looks cute as hell. You did a good job mom.