Monday, October 30, 2006

Weekend Update

Wow. I haven't done one of these for a while. Let's see if I remember how.

Saturday: E drove up to Salt Lake for the day to visit Janz. I don't really know what has happened to the plan for him to move back. I thought that would have happened by now. But--I'm on a need to know status on that one, and apparently, I don't need to know. Soph and I spent a nice morning together. Apparently, whatever was causing her to be the biggest brat in all the land, be it spiritual, physical, or just temperamental has passed. Other than the occasional 4 year old crap, she's doing much better.

We babysat (of course) her pal Addison most of the day. We had a picnic, played with some play dough (colored with Kool-Aid. It makes it smell nice.), and did other assorted messy stuff. Those two girls just want to boss the pants off of each other. They are both only kids, and both are used to calling the shots. We had a few breakdowns, but nothing too serious.

Saturday night we went to a little Halloween party. Soph rocked as Scooby Doo, and Aunt Katy made me up into a pretty bitchin' pirate. I was tired and grumpy and menstruating, so we didn't last too long.

Sunday: What a total waste of a day. Not bad really, but I was tired as hell, and so was Soph. We stayed in our pajamas pretty much all day, watched too many movies, ate too much ice cream, and accomplished less than nothing.

So, as I said earlier, Soph's doing better. Good thing too, or the shit was going to hit the fan in a major way.

So ends this boring post.

Today's best thing about being a mom:

Today's worst thing about being a mom:
So, tomorrow at pre-school, they're having international children's day. The kids are supposed to dress up as a kid from a foreign country, preferably from our family's heritage, and bring a food from same country. I get that this is a fun thing to do without having to deal with Halloween costumes and candy, but sheesh. Now I have to come up with ANOTHER costume. We're pretty much Danish, with a bit of English and German tossed into the mix. How the hell do I dress my kid up like a Dane? A Viking helmet? Plus, the Danes eat a lot of fish--a lot of salted and pickled fish. Not a favorite treat among the under 5 crowd.

So, the plans I'm kicking around in my head are: 1) Make up a Danish costume with no attention paid at all to authenticity--maybe a little apron and a garland of flowers in her hair or something and sent her with some cubed Havarti on toothpicks or 2) Forget the family heritage thing and go Greek--wrap her in a quick toga and grab some baklava at the store to send with her. Votes? Other ideas?


the beige one said...

Greek. simple and easy.

Katy said...

Greek! You make the best togas ever, and knowing dads side of the family, we probably have a little Greek in us. That just reminded me of one of my fave Soph stories!

Kodi said...

I think I might have some really scratchy authentic Norwegian wool sweaters somewhere if you want to bundle her up in that. She'll need a turtle neck underneath or she will itch to death. Wool is such a pain in the neck, literally.

lonna said...

My parents are very clueless when it comes to race. One of our worst Halloweens I went as an Eskimo and my brother went as a Chinamen. I wore my normal parka and she cut out snow shoes from cardboard. My brother had a hat made out of cardboard too. He looked like a coolie. So awful. So Greek or Danish will be fine.

NME said...

So what did you do? I really thing the flower Garland thing would have been cute. And who doesn't like pickled fish?

Anonymous said...
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