Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Just kidding. More of a news--flicker?

Exciting things happening in the next 3 days include...
3. New carpet being installed in my bedrooms and hallway.
2. Having the carpet downstairs cleaned.

and (the reason for the cleaning but not installing, because, she's awesome but I'm not a TOTAL freak show...)

1. Patrice is coming for a visit!

She's just staying for 2 nights, but that's so much better than none. I've arranged for Friday off, so as to commence with the smokin' good times asap. Friday day I'm thinking a drive down to Kolob to see the sights and say hi to Kods. Maybe also breakfast at the Market Grill so she can get her cowboy spotting quota filled right off. Friday night is a party with the palls--so dominoes and Uno and adult libations aplenty. (Note to self: find out ingredients in a Shirley Temple and purchase, as this seems to be Patrice's favorite "drink.") Saturday we'll have most of the day to kick it, and then Kods (and hopefully, I) will drive her back to Vegas, and possibly dine at Memphis Barbecue (we all met up there for her last trip to these general parts)--thus starting a mini-tradition, and also creating the opportunity for fried pickles. Sweet.

Let's see. Any other news? I'm pretty deep into Angel--just finished the episodes with Faith, and they were fabulous. Anyone know the back-story of why Doyle cut out so quickly?

Oh--Soph is totally reading, and writing. Mostly 3 letter words with a short vowel, but she's getting a kick out of it. She sounded out and wrote "frog" all by herself a few days ago. Her new favorite past-time is going "tummy diving." While I'm laying on the couch, she pulls my shirt up over my fat stomach, takes a deep breath, plugs her nose, and "dives" her face into my stomach. She then blows a huge raspberry/zrbt into my stomach. I drew the line at her filling my navel with water. I do have SOME pride/parental control.

Today's best thing about being a mom:
Bragging about how smart she is

Today's worst thing about being a mom:
Being woken up a full half-hour before the alarm goes off


lonna said...

Reading and writing. That's fantastic. You have such a smart little girl.

I hope that you and Patrice and everyone else in your neck of the woods have a great time partying!

Cyndi said...

A Shirley Temple is basically any lemon lime soft drink, like Ginger Ale, Sprite or 7 Up with a splash of grenadene and a cherry or 2 to garish. Enjoy!

the beige one said...

Doyle - The guy would not stop partying, as witnessed a few years later by his death due to an overdose.

amandak said...

I'm SO jealous!! I want to party with the pals and Patrice!

I'm going to go pout now.

So, the subfloor installation/ concrete excavation went well I take it?

If I can grab a minute this afternoon or evening, I'd love to talk to you today.

~A~ said...

How cool Patrice is visiting. I hope ya'll have a blast.

Since I'm stuck watching Angel in two episodes at a time, I think I'm almost done. Jasmine has been born and she's giving the gang a pep talk right now.

And yea Sophie!

patrice said...

I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU. and though I still love me a shirley temple, we can just get cherry 7up and call it a day. also, I've graduated to jello shots. I'm socially delayed, I've just entered the freshman in college years.

cowboys!! I just hope I'm not to cold to be able to function out there. I looked at the weather the other day and it was 11 below. BELOW!