Friday, May 25, 2007

10 Random Facts

1. We have to be out of our house in 22 days.
2. We have yet to find a house we both love.
3. Yesterday was Sophie's last day of pre-school.
4. I have more split-ends than regular ends.
5. Today is the last day of school for me.
6. We looked at a house yesterday that smelled like hot dogs and pee. (I wonder if Wal-Mart can sue them for infringement on their signature smell.)
7. Yesterday we had some friends drop by, and the cupboards were so bare that all I could offer them for food and drink was a piece of cheese and a straight shot of gin. They declined.
8. I love the new purse that Mand and I bought in Flagstaff. It's certainly an upgrade from the five year old one I had been dragging around, and which probably also smelled like hot dogs and pee.
9. I may have to run home and poop later, as I cannot poop anywhere but at home, and I was in too much of a rush to go this morning.
10. Yesterday for graduation I put my hair in hot rollers, and ended up with the kind of big-bodied curls that are usually reserved for rodeo queens and porn stars.


~A~ said...

Your randomness made coke come out my nose.

Much luck on the house.

Stine said...

See I can only poop if I create a big wad of toilet paper to put down before the poop plops. I hate the sounds of plopping poop. The timing is a bit of an issue though, sometimes it doesn't work out so well.

JJisafool said...

Mmmm. Rodeo porn stars.

See, now, as a man, I'll poop anywhere. Gas station, dive bar, wherever the poop needs poopin'.

Good luck with the housing, and tell ~A~ the coke is supposed to go in the nose, not out.

Jen said...

That Wal-Mart Signature smell thing cracked me up!

patrice said...

you'll find the house of your dreams any second now, I know it. then you will find out you can't afford it and find one you can live with shortly afterwards.

Katiemagic said...

Congratulations on the house thing! I'm not a public pooper either. Vacations are hell.