Wednesday, May 30, 2007

For Rob

Today's best things about being a mom:
  • Successfully test-driving the homemade sidewalk paint recipe. (It was a bit runny. Next time I think I'll try a 2 to 1 corn starch to water ratio.)
  • Taking Soph and A out to the new very delish Chinese restaurant in town. I think they set the record for the most sweet and sour chicken devoured by 4 year olds in one sitting.
  • Watching a Wonder Woman episode with them, and making plans to fashion tin foil wrist bands next Wednesday. (We were, of course, out of tinfoil today.)
  • Listening to Soph and A plan to blame the skewer in the fish tank on their imaginary friends.

Today's worst things about being a mom:

  • Finding Soph, A, and B all the way around the block this morning, and as a result sending B home in tears, and giving Soph and A a 30 minute time out, as we were tending A and she could not be sent home.
  • Sending B home in tears, again, when she came back 15 minutes later and I told her she still couldn't play.
  • Sending B home in tears, again, 30 minutes ago when she, her brother, and her brother's friend came over and Soph just simply didn't want to play.

You see, B's mom is working graveyards this summer, and is sleeping during the day. And tell you what-- I'll be damned and double damned if I am going to entertain, feed, and otherwise care for her 3 oldest kids during the 2 weeks before I move. Had she asked me to, that would be one thing, but she hasn't. She just tells the kids she needs to sleep, and not to bug her, and they come to me.


patrice said...

it's not just for rob, btw. I love these things, too.

so she just lets her kids come over just as long as mommy gets to sleep? man, I need a neighbor like you.

Katiemagic said...

That's a hard thing, the neighbor kids.

JJisafool said...

Me too, love these, think you should collect all you have into a book.

Y'know, that letting your kids be raised by others thing drives me crazy. We get it in micro in the co-op preschool every day. Two parents, both of whom are supposed to be working, chatting each other up while I wipe one kids nose and break up a fight the other is instigating.

B's tears shouldn't have to be breaking your heart. B's Ma may have a hard knock life, but like you said, at least ask for help.

rob said...

Yes. That was just for me. This post belongs to me. I would appreciate it if you gathered your comments and took them elsewhere. You have 48 hours to comply before I get the undapantauthorities involved.