Tuesday, May 29, 2007

So let it be written; so let it be done.

Well--we've decided on our middle house.

Erik's grandparents have a beautiful "luxury townhome" that they've wanted to sell us ever since they learned that we were selling our house. I didn't want to buy it for many reasons--number one being that although it has a very nice sized patio, it has no yard. Also, there is the issue of the one shared wall. But, after much searching--both in my heart and with a realtor, I've come around to it. And like I said, chances are, it will be our middle house. We'll catch our breath from the chaos of the last few years for a bit, then move on to the official long-term Jorgensen abode.

Ultimately, my decision was based on the following:
Price: They're selling it to us at a price significantly under market. We'll have tons of instant equity.
Ease: We can move in whenever we want (aka, in 2 weeks), and live rent free until our financing stuff is sorted out.
Stuff: Speaking of stuff....Did I mention that they're leaving a gorgeous brand new dining room set and bedroom set?
Quality: This place is built so, so well. I've had a builder friend of mine checking out some of the houses to be considered, and he was blown away by this one. It is solid as a rock, and brand new (well, lived in one day a week for the past year by a 70 year old man), and the cabinets, appliances, and finish work are amazing. We're talking granite counter tops, porcelain tubs, etc., etc.

Sound like I'm trying to convince myself of something? I am, a little.

Jimmy dog is a concern. Although he is an inside dog, he is used to a yard. I'm worried that in no time, the patio will smell like dog piss and shit, no matter how vigilant I am with clean up. I'm also worried about him barking and pissing off the (mostly rich and old) neighbors.

Also, even with lots of shared lawn in the development and gorgeous parks in walking distance, part of me feels like I'll be depriving Sophie of her childhood by not providing her with a swing set and grass to run on.

I'm tired of running laps in my brain over it though, and am feeling reasonably ok with my decision.

It's the first official day of summer vacation. I had hoped to pawn Soph off on someone and start getting ready to move, but instead, I have 6 kids on the premesis--5 of whom are not mine. B came by, with BOTH brothers, and then Soph's friend's mom called with some violent stomach bug and asked me to take her 2 girls. I went and bought some of that Crayola sidewalk paint, though, and they're all pretty busy painting the back patio. I've managed to accomplish a bit, and hopefully now have a couple of favors to call in when it gets closer to moving day.

p.s. I'm dispensing with the best and worst thing about being a mom. We've both kind of grown out of it.

p.s.s. Any advice anyone could give on big dogs in small spaces and/or making the most of a patio is officially solicited.


JJisafool said...

I'll be depriving Sophie of her childhood by not providing her with a swing set and grass to run on.

Man, if this were the case, I'd be a terrible dad, as it's really my tastes, mostly, that have us living in the city, in an apartment. Not even a patio, just a narrow deck.

But, the upside is that Liv feels very much a part of her community already. There's a commons park across the street - no swings and such, but a fountain and public art to climb in and a skatebowl to watch. We get out of the house a lot more, out with the hoi palloi, than we might otherwise.

Soph will adjust. Won't take long for everyone in the neighborhood to know her. And it'll get you out of the house more, too, which definitely helps me.

Anyway, congrats on the middle house. I may break into numero uno sometime before my 40th - we'll see.

~A~ said...

What he said plus... like you said, it's a middle house. I wish I had such a place when we got out of the military and went from gov't quarters to living at my parents. After 6 months we were so desperate to get out we took anything we could afford, meaning this place. Which isn't so bad, just has it's issues that are big issues.

Who knows maybe in a couple months or a year of leisurely looking you'll find the perfect home.

Missuz J said...

FYI--I just learned that you can make sidewalk paint very easily with equal parts water and corn starch (mixed with an electric mixer) plus food coloring. The Crayola costs BANK. Make your own!

patrice said...

you have forever to find a forever house. plus all sophie's friends have yards. plus, you're surrounded by open space all over the place out there. you might just have to walk to get to it. and less yard = less stuff to clean up.

new appliances, a house that's solid, bigger rooms, central air...those are the things that will make you happy. huzzah!!

Kat said...

That place sounds awesome! Like you said, it's temporary and you'll find your forever house without having to rush into a decision you'll regret. And seriously, as far as middle houses go...this one sounds tops!

rob said...

...not to mention, it's built on an ancient Gideon graveyard. Before you know it, Soph is gonna be sucked into the Tivo and you'll have to get a midget to come by and tell her to walk into the light...or into one of the 13 episodes of CSI: Miami you have stored on there.

What the fuck is a Gideon, anyway?

p.s. I'm dispensing with the best and worst thing about being a mom. We've both kind of grown out of it.

U-to-tha-mutha-fuckin'-mmmmm...am I going to be the only one 'round here to refute this? Your Bests-and-Worsts of motherhood are, at times, the greatest things to read EVAR. I understand if you feel you've outgrown them and want to move on, but...NO. That's just dumb-talk right there.

Ultimately, you'll do as you please. Just know that I'll build a voodoo effigy of you, make it look like a beer can and quaff your soul, repeatedly, if you go quits on the best/worst.

Alright. Maybe I'll just continue to drink beer, repeatedly, like I normally do. But I'll put a big sign on a six-pack that says "Becky" some time...so you may want to think twice before you go and do sanything rash, sista.

Stine said...

Congrats on finding a place B. One way or another you'll make it your own. And I'm sure Sophie will find plenty of ways to get her energy out.