Thursday, July 19, 2007

Haiku Hodge-Podge

Which one is Sophie?
The begoggled one of course.
Gotta love that grin.

The living room just
wouldn't be ours if Sophie
was wearing pants

"In our new house, we'll
have room for a bunk bed," said
Mom, and stuck to it.

Kitchen from the left
The cabinets and counter tops
had me at "hello."

Kitchen from the right
If I waited for clean-ness
You'd never see it

Sea World Baby--Yea!
This is post lost Sophie, and
pre dolphin-show soaked.

Dad and Soph and Janz
Posing 30 feet or less
from our hotel room

Now mom joins the fun
Soph provides the camouflage
For my muffin top.

Two Jorgensen kids
Breakfast at our regular
Spot at Snug Harbor.


mandyk1 said...

WOW! The new place is AWESOME!

Vacation pics rock too. I can't believe that is Janz. He looks like a grownup! eek!

Can't wait to see you all.

~A~ said...

I love all the pictures and poetry.

And that's what kids are for. To disguise the muffin top they helped to create.

patrice said...

oh my GOD your house is FANNNNNTASTIC!!! wow. seriously wow. I LOVE THE CABINETS. and bunk beds? man.

ps, sweet TV.

Missuz J said...

The TV is/was E's Father's Day present for LIFE.

OldMotherHubbardSharesAll said...

Cool new digs! My how fast the kids are growing!

Details of the lost and found please :)

lonna said...

Your house looks great. I'm so glad to see pictures of it.

I was thinking the same thing as your sister. Janz has changed so much since the last pictures of him. Your family looks great.

Stine said...

Love the new place. It looks like much more room for you guys.

Trip looked fabulous. I can't believe how the kids are growing.