Monday, July 16, 2007



Since Missuzj is no longer posting, I'll post some shit from our vacation. Sorry, no clever quips or any shit like that.

Maybe she'll eventually share some stuff with ya'll.

Til then...well, whatever.

Shown above: We have the lighthouse at Cabrillio National Monument, the great MissuzJ hanging onto her favorite tree, the California Cyprus. And last, but certainly not least, SG "striking a pose" at the Cabrillo tide pools.

The VaKay also included a trip to Ocean Beach where we swam with sea otters and witnessed a grown man shitting on the floor of a public bathroom not five feet from the toilet.

There was also
a 6-hour excursion to Sea World that involved Sophie being equally terrified and thrilled at all times. Oh yeah, she also got lost. But we found her, so all's good.

Pretty sweet.

As a frequent vacationer to Los Angeles, I was shocked to spend time in a Southern California city that wasn't like being ass-raped with a metal pipe by a pussy-grader.

I mean, I've been to San Diego before, but, never spent any actual time that didn't involve a rowdy concert and heavy drug use.

The best moment from the vacation involved Sophie attempting to comunicate (in Spanish) to the largely Latino hotel staff that they needed to keep the resident ducks "in-check" so she could enjoy her vacation in peace.

Hopefully MJ will return.



patrice said...

oh E...if there had to be a becks replacement, it could only be you.

but what's the deal??

sophie getting lost - horrible, horrible nightmares. it is why I bought bella a leash. (in the shape of a cute and cuddly monkey backpack whose tail forms the leash.)

Missuz J said...

Thanks for the kindness Patrice.

Hope all is well in Philadelphia.

I don't expect I'll be back on this blog again unless the Missuz requests it...or totally abandons it.

As far as the "deal" goes, your guess is as good as mine. There's definitely no "domestic troubles" of any kind, particularly surrounding the blog.

Onto the lost child: Soph found herself cornered and confused in a giant playground called "Shamu's Happy Harbor." MJ was in tears for close to an hour before Sophie was found nestling in the one of the mazes of nets that encompassed that entire section of the park.

I think the leash is a great idea. Maybe even a muzzle for those rough patches in public restaurants (did I spell that wrong?)

Nice to hear from you...I think she'll be back soon.



OldMotherHubbardSharesAll said...

So I've gotta ask - Did Sophie know she was lost?

I can only imagine how awful y'all felt - I lost my eldest for 10 minutes at a volleyball game and still remember the PANIC and that was 24 years ago. Of course she never knew she was lost.