Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The End of Bacon

Don't worry. Bacon has not come to an end. I'll explain in a minute.

E had his wisdom teeth out a few days ago, and he's having a pretty rough time of it. I, as the nicest wife in the land, have been trying to cook tasty yet chewing-optional meals, and frankly, I'm running out of ideas. I've done mashed potatoes, broccoli cheese soup, chicken and dressing casserole, and tonight, we sup on baked-potato soup.

Baked potato soup is just regular potato soup, unless you garnish it with 80 gagillion calories, disguised as bacon, cheese, and sour cream.

Which leads me to (told you I'd get there) bacon.

MMmmm. Bacon.

Sophie's favorite part of bacon is the "end of bacon." That is to say, the pure fat part on the end of the bacon. When I cook bacon (not often--well ok, more so lately because I've become addicted to the BLT) Soph politely requests everyones "end of bacon" as in, "Daddy. Can I please have your end of bacon?"

Janz, likes his bacon a little on the soft side, unlike his dad who likes it crispy. Me, I really only like the good bacon from the deli--meaty and cooked until just crisp enough to hold itself upright if you hold it out horizontally.

Anyone remember Sizzelean? My mom used to buy the hell out of that stuff. My brother LOVED it. If I recall, the breakfast of his dreams, as a child, was 2 over easy eggs, mashed up, with little pieces of Sizzelean broken up in it. My mom preferred hers on a bagel, with peanut butter. I shit you not.

How about you? What's your bacon preference. What's your perfect strip? Crispy? Floppy? Any good bacon stories?

In further news, I'm going to rename my blog, and give it a huge face-lift. Now that my girl is almost 5 and going to kindergarten, motherhood has actually become a bit more like having a cat than it was back in the day. I just clean out her litter box occasionally and she's good to go. J/K. Thing is, the only way this blog is going to survive is if it moves in a new direction. It's going to be more about yours truly than the Sophinator, though she'll still have a starring roll. Suggestions as to the new title are officially solicited.


Katiemagic said...

Ooh exciting new blog direction! Poor Eric. And yum, baked potato soup.

patrice said...

I think you should call it "All About Just How Cool I Am". or maybe "But Enough About Me...What Do YOU Think About Me?"

I've been responding to your emails but I don't think they're reaching you, btw.

Missuz J said...

No P, I HAVE NOT been receiving them. Will you send them to my gmail please?

JJisafool said...

Am I total loser if I admit we like turkey bacon? Crisped to perfection?

I like the real stuff, too, but it has to be good. I like the thick-cut done just about how you describe. Just barely tumescent.

And bacon-wrapped water chestnuts totally kick ass.

New title? "Because I Said So."

Katy said...

Ok first of all, Sizzlean rocks my socks. Well it hasn't rocked my socks in a really long time but back in the day it totally did. On a lender's bagel with peanut butter SO THERE!!!

Second, I'm not a copy cat but i've been thinking of taking blog in a new direction too since the direction it's been going isn't so much a direction as a full stop. I already have a name for mine and no idea what you should name yours so uhm good luck with that. I heart you.

thelyamhound said...

We enjoy the turkey bacon. We only really eat pork bacon if we can get it from Trader Joe's or Whole Foods, so we can get non-Franken-bacon (i.e., bacon that comes from a pig that wasn't flooded with hormones and antibiotics).

I like my bacon just on the crispy side of chewy. Not floppy or soft, but with a little bit of sproingy, meaty give to it.

lonna said...

We, of course, eat Smart Bacon by Light Life. It's nothing like the real thing, but it can make a nice sandwich.

When I was a kid we had bacon every weekend and I always liked it soggy so that there was as much chewy fat as possible. UGH!

My grandpa and I used to eat bacon sandwiches. Just one slice of good old white bread wrapped around 3-4 slices of crisp bacon. I still like to do that with the fake bacon, but of course, now I use whole grain bread. Ah, to have become an adult.

NME said...

Sorry I've been absent from commenting. Trying to catch up.
I LOVE Bacon. The brief period of time I was a vegetarian - it was the hardest thing to give up. I like it SUPER crisp - nearly burnt. And I love a BLT - but sometimes with Basil instead of lettuce and with avocado when I have some. If you feel real adventurous you can sub the mayo with goat cheese. Yum.
I could try and come up with a title for you - but yours will be much more authentic and clever.

Stine said...

I'm with Strangefeet, crispy, crispy, crispy.

I also tried to send an email, but I think I have a really, really old address.

As for names for the blog, "Becks Bloomin' Blog" said with an English accent of course.

Darcie said...

I don't know if this qualifies as a "bacon story" per your request but I had a friend whose significant other told her she needed to stop tanning (in the beds) in the nude because her undercarriage was beginning to look like burnt bacon. Hmmmm...
I too am not looking forward to the "pap smear" of the new school year. See you soon---Darcie

rob said...

"Move over bacon. Here comes something leaner!"

"It's tasty Sizzlean!"

I think I've had Sizzlean twice in my life and scarfed the mutha-fuck out of it.

Crispy bacon eaters are communists. Communists, I say!

Floppy. Floppy ass bacon is the shit. I like it slightly communist around the edges, too, because I'm moderate like that. Past that, I'm 100% 'merican when it comes to bacon.


And Kevin.

Speaking of Kevin Bacon, your new blog title should be, "Six Degrees of Menstruation".

Or not.