Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Blog Vomit

Just stream of thought today. The mind is too shot to organize anything.

First--school starts tomorrow. I'm ready for...tomorrow. That's about it. The beginning of school at my particular location is tricky--because most of my kids won't remember that school starts for another week or so. So finding things that won't waste the time of the kids who are there, but won't need to be repeated next week is kind of a bitch.

I'm also trying to decide what to wear tomorrow. Katy thinks I should go with the "Erudite MILF" look. (Precisely what that entails, I'm not entirely sure. I've lost a little weight, but I still have to deal with the rack that ate Manhattan, and you'd be surprised how short a trip it is for me over to Beth the Bounty Hunter land. I went school shopping and bought some things, but I'm not thrilled with them. Confidence + comfortable + breathable fabric is just a pipe dream, I suppose.

In Soph news, she successfully exploded a soy sauce packet all over her face and the ceiling of the car today. You can imagine how that went, what with the salt content and the eyeballs and all.

What else. Oh--the little bit of weight I've lost. Well, I've been doing this in the morning. Surprisingly, I quite like it. You wouldn't think one would need a DVD to walk in place in one's living room, but apparently, one does. I also like the stretchy band. Then, in the evening, I walk the dog up in the hills behind our house. The only way I know I've lost a little is that I don't nearly slip a disk putting on my bra (you know, with the buckle in the front and twist to the back maneuver), because I've lost enough back fat that it slides around easier. That last sentence, by the way, was brought to you by a bonafide English teacher.

So--in honor of my be-sauced-car, tell me about the interior of your ride. Mine is repulsive. We're talking toys, garbage, fast-food bags (I know. I'm bad.), and other assorted Soph stuff. E calls it the fry wagon. If I were to peek in your car windows right now, what would I see?


Kodi said...

Okay, you have been in the gross transport that is my car. Here are just a few of the things I am carting around in the Exploder.
A bag of clothes my mom gave me that I will never wear
a glass bowl filled with pens, earrings, and other such nonsense
a saddle
a bridle
a saddle blanket
a halter(for the horse)
a backpack
trekking poles
2 dirty coffee cups
an algebra book kiri never turned in last year
paper work
massive amounts of receipts
a copy of "The Shinning"
empty soda bottles
a pack of cigarettes
a nutcracker (I have no idea why)
a leave no trace box full of stickers, pins, and puppets
computer games and cd's
and much much more.
Can I come over tomorrow or will you be wiped out by school?
Love ya.

Katy said...

My car makes your car look like well... i can't come up with anything really clean...i thought Martha Stewarts living room, i thought maybe Janet Reno's bed sheets... I dunno. Anyway you know what's in my car. Tops on the list are a big ol' christmas tin from LAST LAST Christmas. A sleeping bag. A one size fits all robe tunic monstrosithing. And Lobster gloves.

lonna said...

My car is full of printed out searches to all of the places around here that I take Dermot. Somehow, they never get removed. We also have our "bag of fun" which is full of activities for Dermot to do when he gets bored at a restaurant.

I don't get the whole "not starting school on time" thing. I have to deal with that with my college students too. My first semester here I assigned a paper to be due at the middle of the second week and I had students start showing up after that due date. And not all of them were late adds. Some of them just didn't bother, much like your students.

NME said...

Congrats on the walking. Motivation is the hardest part.

Well miraculously Mark cleaned our car about a week ago - and that NEVER happens. But we still have a few things swimming around in there. Two car seats, a sippy cup, a half drunk bottle of water, toll change, bunch of rock and kiddie discs, two empty Dunkin Donuts iced coffee cups, and a donut bag. Normally the floor under Noah is also littered with a bunch of half eaten toddler treats- dried fruit, pretzels, licorice, and lollipop sticks.

rob said...

My car is any of Istanbul's 18,000 taxi cabs. What you'll find in my car(s) is:

-Fear for general well being;
-A Taoist sense of submission to the will of fate;
-Poo stains.

Katiemagic said...

My car has always been really gross. Once in college when I was commuting an hour and a half a day I had a passenger seat floorboard full of trash all the way up to the seat.

Now Kent mostly cleans it out. Right now there is junk mail, fast food bags, dog leashes, various baby toys, beach towels and balls, old coffee cups, various discarded lip glosses (it's an addiction), and probably a loose fry or three.

Hope you have a great first day at school!

the beige one said...

clean in the front, crap in the back (boxes, various and sundry weeklies, convenience store detritus)...Like a car mullet.

OldMotherHubbardSharesAll said...

I choose not to answer this question because I like to think of you guys as my friends and if I said "My mother could ride in my car it is so clean" to y'all you would think I was bragging.......but I'm not.

(But please don'e look in my closet or do not allow my MOTHER to look in my closet EVER!!!!! there and my garage are my Pig Stys)

~A~ said...


The kids hiking packs
Trekking poles
2.5 pair of discarded hiking boots in kid sizes
3.5 pairs of hiking socks in kid sizes
Misc. kid clothing
Gross coffee cups
Junk mail
About a garbage bags worth of Starbucks cups, happy meal containers, wrappers of other sorts, empty water bottles and other gross things
5 bags of school supplies
1 case of bottled water

and I'm sure there are a ton of other things I can't think of or am not mentioning.

thelyamhound said...

We've actually managed to keep ours pretty clean. It must be 'Stine's doing.

There's the bouncing Buddha on the dashboard, the ferry schedule(s) in the pouch on the passenger side door, a purple umbrella in the back . . . CDs are sometimes on the front seat, though we usually store them in a compartment on the dashboard (and you can usually tell who's been driving by the mix of CDs that's present).

Heather said...

In my car you would find mail. LOTS of mail. I get the mail, I look through it and I throw it on the front seat. Then I relocate it to the floor in the back. About once a month I load it all into a giant plastic sack and take it to work and throw out the junk and pay the bills.

Otherwise just a car seat and some toys for the little one. And that mongo stroller that goes everywhere with us.

Katiemagic said...


Anonymous said...

I read your blog all the time, but don't usually comment. Where are you? I miss hearing about your life. Hope you are feeling ok.