Tuesday, September 20, 2005

No--she's not Al Pacino and that's not Cocaine

Today, I lost the battle of the baby powder.

Sophie absolutely LOVES baby powder. She says it makes her feel "smoove." While I was blinking, she squeezed an entire bottle onto her play table. I almost beat her, but instead, I just moved the powder party outside and let her go for it.

Today's best thing about being a mom:
Loosening the hell up every once in a while

Today's worst thing about being a mom:
Sweeping up an entire bottle of baby powder


lonna said...

"Let me introduce you to my leetle friend." It's hard to let them just go crazy with messy stuff. I've had my moments too where I've struggled but eventually gave in. She looks like she's having a great time. We have the same table set. Ours isn't flat and it drives us crazy. Crayons roll right off of it.

amandak said...

She does look like she's having a ball. Super-cute new hair cut too. She's turning into such a big girl.

patrice said...

my philosophy on giving things to children is that if it keeps them happy for a decent amount of time and won't hurt them, go for it. I'd much rather clean stuff up then deal with a temper tantrum because they can't do something. that sounds extremely permissive but what seems to happen is that once you allow them to do fun stuff like that, they tend to be more agreeable to things. meaning if sophie saw how hard it was to clean up the powder, and you let her play with it anyway, she may be more agreeable to confining her powder play to an area that is easier to clean up. does that make sense?

anyways. she's uber-adorable. cute hair!!

Katy said...

Hehehehe. She's having so much fun and you know she's thinking you're the best mommy ever.

Stine said...

I'm much more scared of Sophie than I was of Al Pacino.

Don't mess with that girl.

NME said...

It is SO great that you just let her run with it sometimes. I think kids really need that sometimes. Hell, I could use it myself. I think I might go out back right now and play with a container of baby powder.