Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Picture Usurper

Last night, big sis Amanda sent me some pictures of her trip last summer to visit us poor saps still living her in Southern Utah. Some of them are just too great to sit on, so I asked her if I could post them. Here Goes.

Coping a Feel

Mandy (Amanda to all but her immediate family) is there in the front. I'm in the middle; Erik's on the left. How do ya like my fab visor? I have no idea how I came to be wearing it.

Sister Slightly Sideways

This, ladies and gentleman, is the queen of the Krause house. Isn't she pretty?

Have Mike, Will Travel

Not having a band has never been a problem for this guy. If you look closely, you'll see that the box to his immediate left says "Singing Machine."
A Balloon on my Bum

This house party (my house if you were curious) is being given in honor of this guy--who was headed for, and is now in Iraq with the 222 battalion. His wife is to his left. She and I have been friends for 10+ years--although we are currently somewhat estranged. Kell--if you read this, know that I miss you. Friends again?

Mommy Loves

Karaoke Kaper

Here is my favorite. If I remember right, Er and I were singing "Hold me Now" a la the Thompson Twins. So choice.


patrice said...

oh my god, I love it. I love seeing what all of you look like.

I totally want to go to a houseparty of yours and wear a visor and play with the singing machine. I love how you hold the microphone cord with the hand that doesn't hold the mic. like a pro.

NME said...

WOW! The Smiths in action. FINALLY. That picture of you with Sophie is FANTASTIC. And Mandy is so cute and hip. I want to hang out with you - but I promise not to sing. Not unless I am severely intoxixated - and then everyone will regret it.

Stine said...

Great pics B. You all look fabulous. Wow on manwithoutaband though, it's been a long damn time since I've seen him or any pics of him.

Kodi said...

That was the "push the button" party! Okay, you've givin me the itch to play Karaoke revolution. Can I come over tomorrow or Friday?

amandak said...

Oh my gosh, you are the picture posting QUEEN!

Love you!!!

rob said...

You really need to stop posting pictures of that hideous daughter of yours. Seriously. What, with her non-button-like-nose and utterly un-photogenic sense. She's liable to be crowned "Most Likely to be a Carney" in her senior yearbook.

You suck at making gorgeous children. I have two words for you: TUBALIGATION.

Love, Rob

lonna said...

Man, there are some good genes running through your families:) It was so great to see what all of you look like. I refuse to sing at karaoke, but I love to watch really drunk people sing karaoke very poorly or friends of mine sing really well, as long as they are having fun.