Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Ever have a day when you feel like you're trying to walk and think through a bowl of jello? Today I have been absolutely foggy. My glands are just starting to sting a bit, and I don't quite have a headache, but the muscles or whatever right being my eyes are thinking about hurting--if that makes any sense. Bottom line, I'm getting sick, again, and I hate it.

Every day that Sophie goes to school, she comes home very needy and demanding and whiny. She says to me in this sing-song whiny voice, "Mommy! Somebody did somefin'" whenever Jimmy even looks at her. She needs snacks and help and attention and she needs them NOW. I know that she enjoys school and it's good for her--but being around other kids (who unlike her are NOT perfect and well behaved--ha) and not getting the one on one adult time that she's used to can result in a perfectly bratty afternoon.

Luckily she's in bed and I just spend 45 minutes doing this. In truth, I am pretty addicted to Zam-Bee-Zee right now. It's like ultra Boggle for one. Word games suck me in every time.

So--I'm totally rambling and need to shut up and go to bed. First, a hefty dose of vitamin C--like that's going to do anything--and then I'll read in my new book (Dropped 30 bones on the new Outlander hardback, but I gots to have me some Jamie. If you have a billion or so hours to spare, and like historical fiction and sex with sexy Scotts--check it out.)

Today's best thing about being a mom:
Umm. How about feeling justified in going to bed at 9:00?

Today's worst thing about being a mom:


NME said...

Hope you got some rest and you are feeling 110% better. Being a sick mom sucks REAL HARD.

patrice said...

I just love sophie. she's like the quintessential child. "somebody did somefin" - it doesn't even need to be more articulated than that. that's the crux of the issue, somebody did somefin.

Katy said...

Stupid somebody's doin stuff. Don't they know they're not alound to do stuff?