Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Dull and Duller

I feel so tired lately. Things that I used to enjoy now seem more like tasks that need to be done. I'm not sure exactly what's going on, other than the fact that winter is upon is, and I am a solar powered person with no battery back up.

E and I celebrated our 10Th anniversary last weekend. We spend a lovely weekend in Zion Canyon just walking around, watching movies, eating out, and spending time without the kids, or dog, or jobs. It's been a LONG time since we've done that. 10 years of marriage. Zowie. Coming home after even just 2 days away was kind of tough. For as fortunate as I know we are, between work and kid stuff and, well, just life, the stress certainly can do a number on our relationship.

As for the Sophinator, I, again, am in the running for the world's worst mother. She's been congested for weeks, and coughing on and off for as long. I thought she just had a cold, but it lasted so long that I FINALLY took her in to the doctor yesterday. Raging ear infection. Bronchitis. Red throat. No wonder she's been such a pill lately. The antibiotics have started to kick in though, and last night, she slept through the night for the first time in AGES.

On a related note, the first dose of antibiotic was huge, as per the doctor's instructions, and we were standing in the middle of the game store (caught again. This time it's Dance Dance Revolution. I suck at it, but it's a blast, AND I'm getting aerobic exercise for the first time in about 5 years) when her stomach started to gurgle. I picked her up and asked where the bathroom was. They said they didn't have one--bullshit. We went in and out of 3 stores in the strip mall, and none of them would let us use their bathroom. I almost said "Well, I'll just let my kid shit all over your floor then" but luckily, the nice lady at the Verison Wireless let us use her bathroom after I told her we were having an emergency. That poor kid had the most explosive diarrhea I've ever encountered in a toddler.

Today's best thing about being a mom:
Making bracelets with beads and pipe cleaners

Today's worst thing about being a mom:
Christmas shopping in the toy department at Wal-mart


KATIEmagic said...

Congratulations on your 10 year! I hope the Sophster feels much better soon.

Jen said...

Those jerks; I can't believe they wouldn't let you use the bathroom. Poor little Soph. I hope she was okay.

Katy said...

My first dose of antibiotic made me puke chicken rice soup. Ew. Poor Sophie. I hope she's feeling better soon for her sake as well as hers. PS We'll totally do the dance dance revolution thing as soon as I can breather again. Love you.

Katy said...

that second hers was supposed to be yours. Sorry, can't think through the drug induced fog.

lonna said...

Wow. Ten years. Congratulations. I'm glad that you guys got some time away together, even if it was only for two days.

Poor Sophie. Every time we debate about going to the doctor Dermot is sicker than we think too. That or else the doctor gives him chest x-rays and then says he's fine. I think that kids need a better sign that they are really sick so that we know when to take them to the doctor.

I hate to be gross, but wouldn't it be great if Sophie shit in some snooty store's floor and they had to clean it up and all you had to do was picker her up and go. Sorry, I hate the no bathroom policy.

~A~ said...

1st - Congrats on the 10 years, that is awesome.

2nd - I hope your lil one feels better soon. There's nothing worse than a cranky sick kid. Although I feel mama guilt when they're cuddly or lumpy sick. I love it and take advantage of the extra loves or time to get stuff done.

Oh and that bathroom shuffle, that totally bites. I did that three years ago when #3 was potty training and in the end she left a puddle in the store. I left with the four screaming kids and no apologies for the mess.

~Rob MacAhhhh...ButtcrackBag sent me BTW. I do love it. Kind of freaky that you tend to write about the going ons in my own household though.

Kat said...

Congratulations on the 10 years!

Hope Sophie feels better soon.

patrice said...

10 years, holy shiza. congrats.

poor sophie. and poor you.

don't worry, winter will be over in like 40 years.

Stine said...

Congrats B on 10 years.

A virtual rub to Soph's tummy. Poor thing.

grody jo-dee said...

10 years...doesn't it go fast? it's nice to steal moments away from the kids sometimes. makes you remember your life pre-children.

NME said...

WOW! Ten years is quite an accomplishment. Glad you got to get away.

I worked in retail in high school and we had a no bathroom policy. Unless it was a kid in distress - but that was MY caveat. Poor Soph. Poor you.

I was gonna blog about doctors today and forgot. Maybe later. I WISH there was a way to know when to go.