Saturday, March 04, 2006

In which she gives an account of the last 3 days

Ok, so obviously the beginning of last week sucked ass. Maybe it was Mercury. Either that or it was Venus. Anyway, things got a bit better.

A quick recap of the last few days.

Wednesday afternoon, Sophie had a play-date (aside: Where did this weird quasi-annoying term come from, and why am I using it? What happened to having someone "over to play?" Why the date?) with a little girl from her school. They were darling. I set them up a tea party on Soph's play table for lunch with pb&js cut into little shapes with cookie cutters, graham crackers with frosting, frozen grapes, and juice in a tea pot, etc. I even had one rose that was still left alive from Valentines day that I put in a little bud vase. Emily is a very sweet little gal. When her mom (who is an aid at the girls' school) picked her up, she mentioned that some of the parents had forgotten that there was no school tomorrow, as all the teachers would be in San Diego at the big Montesourri (note to self: LEARN TO FUCKING SPELL MONTESORI ALREADY. THE WAY YOU JUST SPELLED IT LOOKS LIKE MISSOURI.) conference. So, fuck, I had forgotten as well. AND it was a day I worked all day. Long story short, I took an "emergency" day. I get 2 of these a year, and have to find and pay (74 smacks for me--50 something for others-- because I teach all 4 periods) my own sub, fill out some dumb paper, and get a day off, no questions asked.

Thursday was just absolutely lovely. We laid on the couch and watched Bambi twice. Then, because it was bizzarly warm, I dressed her in a cute spring dress I bought a while back. She let me French braid her hair, and we went out on the town. First stop was the second hand kids clothing store where we found 4 darling jumpers (one with Hello Kitty on it--jump back!) some cute shirts and pants, all for like 25 bucks. There is NO kids clothing store in CC. It's either WalMart or nothing, so really, the 2nd hand place is the best place to shop for her. Then we went to the drug store, the Main Street Grill (pancakes for lunch), grocery store, and came home and fixed dinner together. This all my sound dull, but we really enjoyed each other, and it makes me sad to think that spending the day doing errands with mom will soon be a grind for her. Thursday we also picked up Janz at the airport. We're biting the bullet and paying for him to fly to us every once in a while. It gives us a weekend with him, without an ass load of driving, which is something we all really need every once in a while.

Friday was a short day of work, then home to hang out with Sophie and her friend Addison. Addison's mom and I trade the girls off on Friday. I was a super hero and made dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets for lunch, then they played dress-up's for a while. Friday night was just E, J, S and me--something that doesn't happen often--so we all played hide-and seek together.

So now, Saturday I'm cleaning for a little party tonight. Just drinks and games and the regular crew. I'm looking forward to it.

Today's best thing about being a mom:
The times when your kids also feel like your best friends

Today's worst thing about being a mom:
Spilled Hawaiian Punch


Stine said...

Dinosaur chicken nuggets? Martha Stuart must bow in your presence.

Missuz J said...

Lest I should mislead anyone, I should amend the entry to read, "I opened a box of dinosaur chicken nuggets." (They were, however, trans-fat free.)

amandak said...

I wish I were there for the party tonight. I miss you guys something awful lately. Hope you had fun! Love you!

~A~ said...

Even Martha cheats now and then.

And hey, I'm with you on the whole uppity "play-date" thing. Can't stand it. If you want to play with your friends, play with them, but this whole make a date crap, What-Ever!

Hope your party went well.

KATIEmagic said...

That sounds like a lovely day. Will you be my mommy?

OldMotherHubbardSharesAll said...

I never understood the play date saying either. As for the Punch in carpet if it's a light colored carpet Hydrogen Proxide should take it out - if it's dark it will also remove the color from the carpet.

NME said...

This weekend I was sitting on the floor playing with Noah and Mark read this post to me out loud. And the whole time he was reading about your tea party I was going "Awwwwwwwww" and I ended with "I NEED to have a little girl." I dream of tea parties just how you have described them.

And Thursday sounds like a lovely day too. My cousin told me last week that three was the magical age - that you can really start playing and hanging out with your kids in new and wonderful ways - and it certainly sounds like it from your post.