Thursday, March 23, 2006

Status Quo

When you can’t think of anything else to say, you talk about the weather, right? So the sun has finally come out, and I may decide to go on living after all. For the last two weeks, we Southern Utahn’s have had nothing but snow, snow, snow, with a little sleet thrown in for good measure. Piles of snirt (snow+dirt) created by snowplows still dot the sides of the road, and the retail stores have been making a bundle blowing out snow blowers and snow shovels. Today’s sunshine though, according to, is not an anomaly, but the actual beginnings of spring.

In true bloggers-block form, I shall now present you, dear reader, (who was it that always said that—“dear reader.” Was it Ann Bradstreet?) with a series of lists.

Things that have not changed in the last week:

My house is still filthy—and smells vaguely of onions from the Mexican take-out we ate for dinner last night (guess that last bit is new.)

Sophie is still not sleeping well at night.

I still am fat.

Getting up every morning still sucks.

The dog still chews up everything. (His last victim was Soph’s Happy Meal prize—a Troll Doll that she loved and was very upset to see scattered in pieces across the living room floor.)

Things that have changed in the last week:

I swapped my contacts for glasses. My eyes have been killing me for months, so I thought I’d give them a break. The new glasses are kind of squarish and brownish and unless I’m being lied to by everyone, look ok.

Sophie knows the continents. The CONTINENTS for cripes sake. Apparently, Australia has been replaced with “Oceanna.”She sang them to me in a little song to the tune of Row Row Row your boat. I almost peed myself.

Soph has also realized her dream of being an actual “ropin’ cowgirl.” I took her to the Cowboy Gathering at SUU last weekend, and in the “Kiddy Coral” she was instructed by an actual, real life, ropin’ cowgirl on the basics of the lasso. With just a little help, Sophie managed to rope the steer dummy, and she was absolutely ecstatic.

My class sizes have doubled, thanks to a sting a one of the high schools. 3/4ths of the new kids are great. But, the 1/4 of them who are total little shits more than make up for that.

I bought a new pair of pants. (As I’m now down to 2 pair of pants that still fit, and am currently on a laundry strike, I was forced to race to Walmart on the way to school, grab a random pair of size 16 tan pants, and change into them from my sweats in the Walmart parking lot.)

Today’s best thing about being a mom:
Being blown away by how smart my kid is

Today’s worst thing about being a mom:
It’s freakin’ time consuming.


~A~ said...

eeeeek, add me to your online stalker list, I've been clicking over here wondering what happened to you and it looks like you got hit with a case of life.

You know I've got some soft kid ropes (lassos) that my little mutton busters have out grown some around here, if I find them I'll have to send them your way. They're only 10 ft long but they can rope a dog. :) I may have to send a couple troll dolls if I have to keep picking them up.

You didn't update how yoga has been, and how about the other dietary changes... it's not like you're busy with kids, work, and all that other crap right? Admit it, you're sitting around on your ass all day like the rest of us.

And what's this about a laundry strike?

Jacques Roux said...

yeah, really?? What's up with the laundry strike. Is it that you don't have enough to do and that's why you're not doin' the washin'? Because if that's the case, I've got a small mountain sitting over here that I could send your way.

I suppose you've been shoveling and blowing snow instead.

shawnak said...

Man I can so totally relate to the whole only having 2 (yes only 2!!!) pair of pants that actually still fit. I have re-joined Weight Watchers b/c at the rate I was going I would have had to invest in some MooMoo's...seriously!!

I too am blown away by how smart Sophie is! Can't wait to meet that Ropin' Cowgirl!!!!

NME said...

MORE! MORE! I want MORE! Far too long between posting. I don't care if you have to buy pants at Walmart EVERY DAY - you have to find time to blog.

An actual ropin' cowgirl - and one that knows the continents to boot. She is just SO cool. She must get it from her Mama.

patrice said...

continents? is that what montessori does to a kid? I need to find out.

I know you find it all mundane, but as you can see, we live for it. so post it.

amandak said...

I want to see your new glasses! And hear Sophie recite the continents. Bad.

Miss you more than I care to think about.