Friday, February 09, 2007

Ham and Cheese

I just read a student’s review of Star Wars (A New Hope—We’re watching it to highlight our discussion of shots and angles.) and she didn’t like it. Fine. But the reason she didn’t like it? And I quote--“Well, I’m just not into guys like Ham Solo and life savers and stuff like that.” There are days when I really think I’m making about as much impact on these kids as a q-tip would trying to clean up an oil spill.

However, I think I may be making a bit more impact on the home front. Remember how I promised Sophie a Brat for being brave at the dentist? I brought it up at the store (not sure why) and she said, “Mommy, I don’t want a Brat. They’re too sexy.” Score one for the Sophinator! And maybe me for possibly teaching her something about body image and age appropriateness for four year olds.

And speaking about body image and age appropriateness, I went back to yoga last night. Braniac lady was not there, neither was random guy. The teacher, however, was the same, and I felt surprisingly ok. I stopped by after class to talk to her about the incident, and she told me that BL told HER that the reason she asked if I was pregnant was because I was so bendy—as pregnant ladies get very flexible. Now, that sounds like total bullshit to me—(almost on par with the girls who showed up 5 minutes before the end of a 90 minute class, smelling like cigarette smoke, who told me they needed to make an emergency tampon run. Girls—that one works for being 5-20 minutes late at the BEGINNING of class, not the end. Also—pop a mint first.) but whatever.

I’ve been walking and yoga-ing almost every day. On the flip side, I’ve been eating like total crap. One thing at a time, I guess. I have an awesome friend (one of those get things DONE girls) who has been calling me to walk (there’s a free indoor track on the SUU campus. Who knew?) and who signed me up for Everyday Food Magazine—and although it IS a Martha Steward publication, and therefore gives me a slight case of the willies, apparently it’s very low-key, and has good, easy recipes using unprocessed ingredients, that is family friendly. (Apparently, this blog is being brought to you today by Everyday Food Magazine.)

Today’s best thing about being a mom:
Every morning, Soph comes into my room about 10 minutes before my alarm goes off. This is not necessarily good. What is so sweet is that she loves me to scoot over so she can lay in the warm spot I slept in, and cuddle me for a bit before we start our day.

Today’s worst thing about being a mom:
I bought her Cinderella 3—for 20 bucks—and she hates it. Not that I blame her; it kind of sucks. I sure could have made better use of that 20 bucks though.


NME said...

Ham Solo! Excellent. Not for you obviously - but for comedy sake it's brilliant.

Very cool you went back to yoga. You kick ass.

I get Everyday Food and adore it. In fact I gave it to two people for Christmas. Love the size, the pictures, and the fact that the recipes are not too complex. It's really a great magazine.

JJisafool said...

I'm totally telling Olivia about Cinderella 3. She's been talking about it a lot. I suspected it sucked. Maybe she'll believe Soph.

Broke my heart a little for some reason when Liv said Cinderella 2 was better than the original.

A Man without a Band said...

Ham Solo, eh? What, no eggs?

Actually I used to think they were life savers, too.

And good on ya' and Sophie for the Bratz deal. See you Saturday for the REAL Cinderella.

Stine said...

Good for you for going back to yoga.

Not like Star Wars? I just don't get kids today. There, I said it.

Jen said...

Love your Q-tip/oil spill analogy.

I think you are right that the flexibility thing was bullshit. She realized she fucked up and is now trying to cover it. But I am glad you went back to yoga, and hopefully she will stay away.

I always knew Sophie was a smart kid, but that is pretty amazing that she turned down the doll for being too sexy. How cute of her.

~A~ said...

Yea Soph for rejecting the hoochie mamas!

(Just get ready for that 9/10 year old phase. It's f-ing media hell.)

Bendy my ass, that woman is still *ahem*.


Erik said...

Cinderella 3 totally fucking sucks.

I mean, I'm not saying I'm an expert in princess cartoons or anything, but dude, fuck that fucking bullshit.

Did I just have a gay experience?