Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Today is UBSCT day 1. That is, the Utah Basic Skills Competency Test. Students need to pass all three sections (writing, math, reading) to receive their high school diploma. We'll start right after lunch. I'm armed with 2 bags of mini candy bars, a bag of pretzels, and a box of Cheez-its (which I am currently checking for quality. So far, so good--very cheezy. But I feel I need to test a larger core sample.) Today the kids are writing their persuasive essays and doing the writing multiple choice. I've spent most of the quarter trying to get this stuff into their heads, and so now, we'll see if anything stuck.

So--your assignment is to cheer me up (testing gives me nightmares) by coming up with alternate meanings for the acronym UBSCT. I'll start.

United Blood-Sucker Combative Taskforce
(The name of a hard-core West Nile Virus preventative team?)


JJisafool said...

Underwear-Biting Syphillitic Crotch Toads

They are a bitch to clean up after, too, lemmetellya.

JJisafool said...

Oh, man, did I ruin it for everyone by saying "crotch"?

Katy said...

Uber Bitchy Sycophants Curse Testes

A Man without a Band said...

U Better Start Chanting, Teach.

(because you probably wouldn't pray for your students to do well).

And to Erik, I think you narrowly avoided your gay moment by missing mine. Did I really say "see you at the REAL Cinderella"?

A Man without a Band said...

p.s.- That was "Teach" as in, short for "teacher."

Ahmie said...

Uber-BullShit Composting Test (you said you like swearing...)

My hubby taught in Virginia for 5 years. Their standardized tests are called the SOLs... allegedly it stands for "Standards of Learning"... guess what the teachers called it? Yup, the Shit Outta Lucks (he taught at-risk kids there). Now he teaches in urban Cleveland - yet again rated the poorest city in the country. Just had OGTs last week (Ohio Graduation Tests). Haven't been back in Ohio long enough to make fun of the OGTs yet. I graduated here but back then they were just called the Proficiency Tests, we didn't need no stinkin' acronyms back in the 90s! We said WHOLE FREAKIN' PHRASES and TYPED THEM OUT LONG-STYLE. Damn kids with their net-speak.

OMG! LOL *headdesk* brb