Thursday, May 12, 2005

Oh the horror!

I just plucked a half inch black hair from my chin. This is truly mortifying. The older I get, the more hairs I get in places where they shouldn't be. The fact that this one was so long means that it's been there for a while. I wonder how many of my students sat staring mesmerized by the burly hair on my chin while I thought--"Wow. They're really paying attention today." I really think that I add a new chin hair each year--like a tree adding rings.

Soph is currently"naking." (Rhymes with shaking--not snacking.) Naking is the willful and wanton removal of all clothing and streaking around. The fact that she's invented a verb for this act shows you how tricky it is for me to keep clothes on her lately. While we were at Alphagraphics last week, she took her shirt off twice. I don't really blame her. Wearing clothes inside and in comfortable weather is such a cultural thing. It doesn't make sense on any natural level. She just ran through, and she has something green stuck to her right butt cheek. It seems she's trying to make a trombone out of a computer paper. I don't really know why.

I haven't mentioned it because I've been trying not to think about it, but tomorrow we're driving to Disney Land with Erik's family. I should be excited, but I keep fixating on all the shitty things and possible catastrophes. They are innumerable so I won't even try to list them. Anyhoo, I'll include a full report, probably on Tuesday.

I've felt like a total bottom feeder the past few days. Uninteresting and uninterested. Hopefully on my return I'll have a little more pep.

Today's best thing about being a mom:
More opportunities for frosting

Today's worst thing about being a mom:
6 hour drives to the happiest, most crowded, dangerous, expensive, germ ridden, longest lined, place on earth


TD said...

When Todd and I were in California with our friends Jen and Jon last summer, we met a great couple at a party. They had two small kids, one of whom was a five year-old named Maude. Apparently, Maude had recently asked her parents if they could go to Disneyland, to which the clever mom replied, "We took you when you were two, and you HATED it."

This is why I'm not ready to be a parent. I'm not that clever.

Have a great (and hopefully safe, inexpensive, clean, short-lined trip)! Can't wait to hear about it when you get back.

NME said...

I have lived your hair moment a million times. I like to fool myself into believing that though the hair is two inches long that it just showed up because it was ingrown and therefore noone saw it before I yanked it. It's total delusionary - but it works for me.

My mother ADORES Disneyworld and can't wait to take Noah. I'm sure she is already planning the trip. My husband however thinks the Disney empire is the antichrist and has vowed he will never set foot in the gates. I'm sure we'll some day make a liar out of him - but he'll probably bitch and moan about the evil corporation the whole time we are there. So just be glad you don't have that to contend with.

patrice said...

invest in the speed-pass thingie they have there. it won't relieve the expensiveness part, but it will definitely make the long-lined go away, and with that, it'll help with the crowdedness and perhaps even germ riddenness (since you won't be in lines that long). I actually had a really great time with trent when I took him and had the speed-pass thingie. it was the way those places should be - you see a ride, you get in line for 5 minutes, you ride the ride, you skip merrily away.

anyways, if you can, try it out.

and the hair thing? my mom used to make me pluck hers. so make use of sophie!

patrice said...

I can't seem to find what it is at disney land...oh wait, fast pass it's called. though I didn't see a single mention of it on the maybe they don't have it anymore? if they do - try to get it.

the end.

Kelly said...

I have the hair thing too. It runs in my family, so those of us who inherited it are pretty good about alerting the others, but I often wonder just how long people stared at it and didn't say anything.