Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Yearbook day

As the English department (can a single person be a collective noun?) it's fallen on me to produce the yearbook with one of my classes. Because we're a small school, we can't send our book to a yearbook printer--they have a minimum order of 200 or something like that. We only need about 50, so we do the best we can with a digital camera, desktop publisher, and local print-shop.

The first yearbook I put together with the kids was total comedy. We went way past our deadline, and I didn't really have time to proof-read it. The most obvious mistake was the name of our school spelled incorrectly on the cover. (Southwest spelled as Soulthwest) Also, a clever little sociopath who shall remain nameless went into the teacher pictures and added horns, beards, and boogers as he saw fit.

This year, my students and I produced our 4th yearbook. I'm pleased to report that I've noticed only 2 errors. Because we're an alternative school and I really try to let the students design the book they want, parts of it are quite non-traditional. In addition to the "Most likely to succeed" and "Nicest Smile" type categories, this year they added the following:

Most likely to be on Jerry Springer
Most likely to be hospitalized this summer
Most likely to be on America's Most Wanted
Most likely to hatch an evil plan to take over the world.

In addition, because we are so small, each student has 1/6th of a page for his/her picture and answers to a short survey. This year the questions we asked each student, along with some of the most amusing answers were:

If you were stuck 500 years back in time what would be one thing from the present you would take back with you?

my cell phone (believe it or not, 6 students chose this answer), a toothbrush and toothpaste, tampons, hacky sack, pants, Eminem (Somehow, I don't think he would come quietly.)

If you found out that you had 1 year to live, what would you do with the remaining time?

raise hell, listen to Eminem (Are you seeing a pattern?), "You know," play guitar and eat pie

What is your favorite hobby?

fire, Tiffany (I wonder, who is this Tiffany, and does she know she's just a hobby?) making weapons, chewing gum

If you could pick one famous place to go for a vacation where would the place be?

Jamaica (1/2 of the students chose this answer) Amsterdam (The other half chose this answer)

Unfortunately, I haven't spent very much time with Sophie the last few days. The end of the year is a very busy time. I don't really have a best and worst today, but am sure to have plenty to say about her in the next several weeks.


Kodi said...

That's very funny. Obviously these students are super bright, and it amazes me they are in an alternative class. You'd think someone that clever would know how to stay out of trouble.

patrice said...

horns and boogers! oh how I laughed. and poor tiffany. as I don't know many tiffanys personally, I can say that I would suspect that there could be quite a few out there that are only hobbies. now I am waiting for tiffany to post a comment, or someone I know to post a comment saying that their mom's name was tiffany, or something.

I love reading about your work. it's interesting and so different from alot of the things I have done in my own life.

NME said...

Creating a year book is hard work - creating a year book with your class is insanely hard. I'm sure your kids really enjoy it. You are to be commended. And as a reward you will be given the opportunity to make a hobby of going on vacation with Eminem.