Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Speaking of boogers...

Sophie is currently being attacked by allergies. Her little nose is pouring snot--her eyes are red and itchy, and she is PISSED about it. She won't let me wipe her nose without a fight, because it's so sore, so she is literally (yes--literally) covered in snot.

You know how they wipe their nose on their arm and it wipes clear across their cheek and dries there. Bleck. So about every couple of hours I wet the softest washcloth I can find, hold her down, and commence swabbing the decks.

I both love and hate to give her allergy medicine. It does mellow her way out and helps her sleep, but man, I hate to see her so doped up. I gave in and dosed her about an hour ago, and she crawled into bed--by herself (this never happens)--asked for her bottle (oh the guilt)--and fell asleep. Now I must make myself clean this filthy house instead of taking my new book outside and reading in the sun until she wakes up.

Today's best thing about being a mom:
Yesterday, we were playing at my mom's house. Sophie wanted to swim, but we couldn't figure out how to blow up the pool. (OK, we could have done it the old fashioned way, but this sucker is huge.) So my mom dumped out a big Rubber Made container which was about 3 feet long and a foot tall and filled it up with water. Sophie jumped right in (her fat little legs and butt in a swimming suit are truly one of the cutest things I have ever seen) and had a great time. I love how kids can have so much fun with the simplest things.

Today's worst thing about being a mom:
Being handed a booger.


patrice said...

poor thing! allergies totally suck!!

Kelly said...

Awww. Some of the homeopathic allergy meds don't cause so much drowsiness. On the other hand, aren't booger-gifts fantastic?

amandak said...

I totally found a booger stuck to the wall in the hallway last night. Still fresh even. Eeww.

Kodi said...

Once Kiri took a bite of my ice cream and left snot all over the spoon. I didn't notice, and shoveled another bite in my mouth. Totally grossed my out. Baby boogers are the worst.

NME said...

And here I thought trying to blow my childs nose would be esier when he got older. I'm already chasing Noah's face back and forth with a tissue.

I want to swim in a Rubbermaid container!

I hope you didn't clean. I hope you went outside and read.