Friday, May 06, 2005

Sweet Sweet Sophie Gene

This morning, Sophie was still sleeping when I left for work. She had climbed in bed with me at around 5ish. I try not to let her sleep in my bed too often, but it's tricky. Erik is a complete insomniac, and sleeps on the couch most of the time, so it's not like she's interrupting anything or crowding anyone out. And it's actually pretty sweet to be awakened by a sleepy-eyed toddler, teddy-bear in one hand, silky in the other, asking, "Mommy, can I lay by you?"

I know that Dr. Laura (that bitch) says that letting kids sleep in your bed is weird, and that parents who allow it are comforting themselves, not their children. So what? It is comfortable to have her warm little self tucked in next to me. I love that she likes to put her hand under my neck and kind of play with my hair while she falls to sleep. I love that while she's sleeping, her little toasty feet (mine are always so cold at night) always end up on my stomach. I love to wake up and see that sweet angel face asleep next to me.

So the last I saw of her, she was sound asleep, laying on my pillow. I feel so bad that she'll probably have a rough day today. When she gets to school, she'll have a new teacher. The one little girl she liked to play with has moved to a new day care. Then when she gets home, I won't be here. Sigh.

Today's best thing about being a mom:
I love watching Sophie sleep. I think there should be a "Sophie Sleeping Channel." If everyone would watch it for 10 minutes a day, the world would be a much more gentle place.

Today's worst thing about being a mom:
Going away, even for just a couple of days, feels a lot like cutting out my heart and leaving it behind.


Kelly said...

Changes at daycare can be hard, but kids are amazingly resilient. Is there just one teacher in her class or is there an assistant or someone else she already knows?

NME said...

You hit me right in the heart with that one. I LOVE to just hold Noah while he sleeps, to feel his warm soft skin nuzzled in next to me. If there is a heaven I hope that's what it feels like.
OKAY - that was horribly corny and I think I made myself shutter with cheesiness there. Anyway...You probably won't get this til you come back from your getaway. Hope you had a great time! And hope Sophie missed you some, but not too much.

patrice said...

you know what? anyone who tells me I'm doing something wrong by laying next to my children and falling asleep with them in my bed can JUST GO TO HELL. trent slept in my bed until he was 6 YEARS old...and had little trouble adjusting to his own bed afterwards. and bella sleeps with us now. it's not for everyone - but it works for us.

so screw off, everyone who'd condemn us!!