Friday, August 04, 2006

Again with the birthdays! (But it's a good thing.)

All right cats and kittens (where did that come from?). It has come to my attention that we all missed the birthday of the sweetest lady on the internet.

So, because I adore Nicole, and because I can't come up with any new ideas, here is her birthday list. Unfortunately, I don't know Nicole as well as some, AND I'm not precisely sure how old she is, so here's the plan. I'll start the list, and y'all help me out by continuing it in my comment field. If you don't know Nicole "in real life" that's no excuse. If you DO know Nicole in real life, you are morally obligated to give us at least 5 lines on the list. Now then.

1. Her grandparents all have cute nick names.
2. She loves living in the city.
3. She is very hip in her music tastes, and has a thing for musicians (wink, wink).
4. She has an adversion to poop. (Well, don't we all, but I think hers is slightly more, um, emphatic.)
5. At 16, she went to see a rock band at CBGBs without her mothers knowledge.
6. Her hair has been been dyed, in her own words, "most of the shades of the rainbow."
7. She successfully quit smoking.
8. She likes to watch reality TV.
9. She never thinks her house is clean enough.
10. She's a bit of a worrier.


rob said...

11. She'll deny it was her, but she was awesome in Charles in Charge.

And by awesome I mean really hot.

amandak said...

12. She has two tattoos, a sun and a moon, located on her shoulder blades, which I think are awesome-hot.

the beige one said...

13. She once slept with Bill Clinton.

Missuz J said...

Beigy--I said things about NICOLE! Not about yourself.

NME said...

14. She's 32 and feels sheepish about tributes.

I think you managed to get the essense in the top ten - at least being anti-poop and having a reality TV jones seem to be the cornerstone of my persona.

You are too sweet, Becca.

Thank you everyone for the belated birthday wishes. Now PLEASE go about your business. Nothing to see here.

OldMotherHubbardSharesAll said...

15. She worry's more about what other people want/think than she should! She's a GREAT person an owes NO-ONE (well Mark & Noah & her MOM) an explanation!

Marksthespot said...

Oh hot damn, another moral obligation...

16. She's tall and stacked.
17. She's driven in pursuit of what she knows she really needs.
18. Those things are never material or status-related.
19. She's selfless almost to a fault.
20. She once met Trent Reznor and Marilyn Manson.

the beige one said...

I'm a "she" now? I beg to differ.

Missuz J said...

I can't stand to leave any list unfinshed, so I went stalking through the strangeafeet blog to complete it.

21. She prefers to wear her glasses to contacts.
22. Her nose is pierced.
23. She doesn't like to give gifts in gift bags.
24. She hates spectator sports
25. She was in the gifted program in junior high.
26. She was a girl scout.
27. She became friends with Patrice in 9th grade.
28. She loves movies.
29. She is very close to her mother.
30. She likes to listen to complete albums rather than individual songs.
31. She thinks Chick-a-fila is the bomb.
32. She could easily win the mother of the year award.

Done. Don't worry Nicole. No more tributes--at least for another year.

Stine said...

She met Trent Reznor and Marilyn Manson? Wow.

She's funny as hell (been mentioned), has the cutest kid EVER, and is curvaciously yummy.

NME said...

WOW a tribute AND research. Missuz J you far outdid yourself. Thanks again for all those that contributed and all those that sent me warm wishes. Peace out.