Tuesday, August 22, 2006

'Nuff Noir

Thanks for all the feedback on the film class. I'm continuing to work on this one, and will keep you, faithful reader (ha) updated on how the kids respond. That said, I have noticed that nearly all of the films suggested by others, and by me, have male protagonists. So now I'm on a search to fill in a few of the slots with films with sistas.

Now then--Soph stuff. When we were visiting the Krauses, Mand mentioned a bumper sticker she read that said, "Meat is murder. Delicious, delicious murder." Last night, my dad cooked us up some phat cheese burgers. I took a bite, and announced to the table, what else, "Meat is murder. Delicious, delicious murder." For some reason, Soph liked the sound of it, and today while waiting in the doctor's office (which was filled to the brim) walked around chanting, "Delicious, delicious murder." That, combined with the fact that she was barefoot, had drawn all over herself with a ballpoint, and was wearing a filthy white t-shirt, contributed to more than a few questionable looks by others to yours truly.

Her preschool doesn't start for another week and a half, so she's been doing, and will continue to do the Sophie Shuffle for a bit. Luckily, she's a resilient little cuss, and has been having a pretty good time. Today she stayed home with Dad, and tomorrow is a playdate with her pall Emily.

It's really too late to do a birthday update, but suffice it to say, that girl CLEANED UP. Just off top of my head, presents for which I'm now trying to find room include the following: Easy Bake Oven, a Cabbage Patch Baby, Floam (awful, gooey, disappointing crap), Don't Break the Ice, 5 new DVDs, a Care Bear art set, fishing pole, pink feathery fan (thanks Kods), and about a million other things.

School is ok, but the stress is landing smack in my back, and really exacerbating the Epstein Barr. Hopefully another week or two will see me back in the groove. The blog is going to suffer for a bit, I think, but don't desert me. I'll be around as much as possible.

Today's best thing about being a mom:
I was so proud of her today. She was at school with me drawing on the white board, and figured out how to draw people. She was even prouder of herself than I was, I think. I'm too lazy to pull the picture off my camera just now, but soon. Soon.

Today's worst thing about being a mom:
She wants me to pick her up, all the time, all the sudden.


amandak said...

Yay for a new post!

"Actually," it was a t-shirt. And it said Meat is Murder, Tasty Tasty Murder. But 'delicious' has a nice ring to it.

She got the floam! Woo Hoo! Was it disapointing to both of you? or just you?

~A~ said...

Tasty murder. Love it.

I want to hear more about the floam. The clonies are begging for the crap but I keep saying no.

Eat healthy and exercise. Do I need to start nagging you too?

the beige one said...

FemProts: Mirrormask, which is in the same family as Labyrinth, if you take away the Bowie and add in a bunch of cool CGI, (still live action, though).

Saved! is highly recommended. Most of the action stuff I can think of belongs in the R-rated column, sadly. Panic Room?

You should have Soph carry a rubber meat cleaver around. Either that, or wait to show her Sweeney Todd until she's older.

rob said...

If god didn't want us to eat animals, why'd he make them taste like meat?

Imagining Soph prancing around a loaded waiting room chanting, "Delicious, delicious murder" kinda makes my inside pieces want to go all 'splodey.

Highly adorable.

At least you know whe listens to you, yeah?

Katy said...

HA HA!! Mandy's turning into Dad!! I'll be thinking on the female protagonists thing...

Now we have to teach Sophie the creepy stalker smile and how to wring her hands. OOH or "it rubs the lotion on its skin!!!"


Missuz J said...

never, Never, NEVER. Just--Eww.

thelyamhound said...

Rabbit Proof Fence, based on a true story about a half-aboriginal girl who helped her younger siblings escape from a "training camp" for "half-castes" (basically, it was a eugenics program wherein half-aboriginal, half-white kids were to be trained for housekeeping services and married off to white working class people with few prospects, eventually breeding all the black out of them over several generations), is a great Australian film with a preteen girl at the center. Kenneth Branagh's the only name in it. Whale Rider's pretty decent, too. The former is from Australia, the latter from New Zealand. There's also The Terrorist, directed by Santosh Sivan, produced by John Malkovich (!!!), which features a pretty up-to-the-minute dilemma: a teenage girl who's a member of a militant group is selected for a suicide mission, and wrestles with her conscience over the matter throughout the course of the film. Subtitled, but not a lot of dialogue anyway. Pretty compelling. Not rated; it looks like it was recommended for 12-and-up in other countries.

I'll second Mirrormask, Saved (the funniest, most fair treatment of religious faith I've seen onscreen in a while) . . . I just checked IMDB, and Panic Room is "R".

Ah, tasty, delicious murder.

lonna said...

You know as a vegan, I still find delicious, delicious murder funny. But I think that a lot of my fellow vegans would not.