Monday, October 15, 2007

Dear Mandy

Wow. I think I've posted enough lately that I don't even need to start this post with an excuse/apology for not posting.

Now then, I love my sis, but she's not big on the calling. Frankly, neither am I. And since I need something to post today, I'm just going to write her a letter.

Dear Mandy,

Hey sugar! What's going on in the Krause House? I hope the kidletts are well. Is Zack still loving school? How's Madeline doing with the writing and homework? Is Clark-baby on the road again? Also, how is the Yoga class going?

Now then, the Jorgensen's. Well, we finally closed on the house. I can't fucking believe how much it costs to get a mortgage. Does anyone even know what title insurance is for? And mortgage insurance? They might as well call it getting fucked in the ass insurance, because that's exactly what it is. We did arrange for a little cash back, so I think we're going to put in a nice big Jacuzzi tub for me, and do a little work on the patio. In my head, I'm imagining a little Japanese garden space, but in my heart, I know we'll end up with some kind of covering and maybe a new patio set.

We got Sophie's Halloween costume, and I think she's going to be a very cute Princess Leah. E is planning on Han Solo, and Janz is going as Lando Calrisian. I don't think I really fit into the Star Wars mix, but we shall see.

School's going ok. Of course in my film class today, we were trying to write our Chicago reviews, and half the class hadn't been in class to watch the movie. I don't even know what to do with that. Tomorrow is the writing UBSCT, and I THINK most of my kids are ready. We shall see.

What else? Mom's doing better; no major philosophical breakdowns for a while. We all went to Chinese for Dad's birthday, and Jon, Katy and I went in on a digital photo frame for him. Katy is doing good—I think. Apparently she has something in the works with a guy named Giovanni, and she's picking up Soph from school for me a couple times this week.

Soph is so excited for Thanksgiving. She misses you guys like crazy. (Me too) I think the plan has become to have dinner at Mom's, and then adjourn to my place for dessert. I'm excited for you to see my new house. Where are you guys going to stay? That little house you stayed in last time worked out SO well.


Love you so!



OldMotherHubbardSharesAll said...

You know the coolest part of this - I got to read someone else's mail without using the whistling tea kettle to steam it opened and getting busted when I forgot to move the kettle off the burner.......but that was many many years ago with my sister's boyfriend wrote her from his Summer Job in Montanna.

Kodi said...

Dear Becca,
Did I tell you how much I loved you today? Did I tell you how much it warmed my heart when Sophie and you and I were walking to the park and Soph wanted me to buy the house in your neighborhood. Did I tell you how I almost cried when Soph said "Kodi, you're so nice to me" and I told her I loved her? Did I tell you how much you mean to me? If not, let me say now, I love you and cherish every moment I have with you. I know I have a hard time expressing my emotions, and some would call me a cold bitch. But I feel you know the true me, and you are the greatest, best friend ever. Words can not express. Love you babe.

Katiemagic said...

Congratulations on closing! That's a huge pain in the ass.

I'm loving the star wars themed halloween. Maybe you could be that Queen Amidala person. Isn't she Leah's mom?

Oh and, where do I get a Kodi? That made me cry.