Monday, October 22, 2007

Oooh La La!

Remember International Children's Day?

It's that thing at Montessori where on Halloween the kids don't wear their costumes, but rather, dress like a child from a foreign country? I THOUGHT last year that they were supposed to come dressed as a kid from their heritage, thus freaked out trying to put together a "Danish Girl" costume (and pulled it off quite nicely, if I do say so myself) and then showed up to a bunch of white kids dressed like they were from Hawaii, China, the Arctic, and Africa. So this year, Soph and I decided on France.

Voila!Pretty cute--huh?

Now I just have to figure out what to take for food. Soph wants to take crepes, but I don't know the first thing about crepe making, and think I'd probably fuck it up. Plus, isn't a crepe one of those things that you have to make and then eat pretty much immediately? Another idea was to make some mini quiches, but then again, I'm not sure how quiche would fly with the under 6 set. There's also croissants, which I could just grab at the store, but you know that dumb little voice in your head that urges you to be FABULOUS? It's kind of nagging at me. I hope it will shut up. What do you think?


Katiemagic said...

Parfait ma cherie! Mademoiselle Sophie est la fille plus jolie dans tout des Etats Unis. Tres chic.*

Oh, and why not bring like, grapes and cheese and crackers? Brie if you want to get all fancy like.

*let's not go check that grammar mmmmkay, I'm rusty.

OldMotherHubbardSharesAll said...

French Cheeses

More than 350 kinds of cheese are made in France.

There you go!!!!

Love the costume! Perfect - my how Soph has grown since we last saw her!

Amy said...

French bread and brie. Easy, delish and oh so french. Long time lurker.

rob said...

-Four oz. flour
-One egg, one egg white
-2 cups of milk (says my girlfriend...I say 1.5)
-1 TBsps vegetable oil (says my girlfriend...I say 2. I'll take her word. She's eurotrash.)

Mix until it's to awesome consistancy.

Line a pan with oil and heat it for a minute and a half. Discard excess oil and, with the pan away from the flame, pour just a little more batter into it than you'd expect. Quickly spread the batter about the pan until it covers the entirety of the pan area. Let settle until the batter begins to bubble. Turn and let settle for approximately 20 seconds and then remove from heat.

Fill them with a savory or sweet garnish. I like savory. Kids like sweet.

Crepes keep well in cool, moist environmenjavascript:void(0)ts. You can make them the night before and serve them, reheated, the next day. They'll be awesome, but they not as awesome.

Do crepes. They fucking rock cocks off.

Katy said...

(you can buy crepes at wal-mart)

Love you

NME said...

This is probably too late.
In my experience kids love quiche. It's scrambled eggs in pie crust - kidalicious. And you can buy a box of little frozen ones.

Jacques Roux said...

Well, of course I think the French choice is simply BRILLIANT!!! And of course Soph does my homeland extreme justice with that insouciant attitude and disdaining stare. I second the crepes recommendation as well, although I wouldn't have any idea how to make them myself. But that's why I have (French) maids...