Thursday, October 11, 2007

Reason I’m a Petty Person, #102

Yesterday was the Montessori family picnic. They have one twice a year and it's always a potluck. I always sign up to take a main-dish, and I always take a big homemade macaroni and cheese casserole. At a function like this, everyone tries to bring something fancy and delicious. You know the drill. It's mostly rich, fabulous moms who grind their own wheat and grow organic gardens, so they bring things like spinach and goat cheese salad with fresh pair (that one was good) or vegan chocolate chip cookies (WTF?). I, on the other hand, cook up a big vat of macaroni noodles with a white sauce made with whatever cheeses happen to be left over in my fridge, and top it with crunched up stuffing mix.

Everyone always bring way too much, and there are always tons of leftovers. Except for mine. My mac 'n' cheese is always gone. Dads are always standing around scraping the sides of the casserole pan, and at least one or two moms ask me for the recipe.

This brings me a ridiculous amount of satisfaction. To see my empty ratty Corelware pan sitting next to the beautiful Pottery Barn bowl full of marinated kalamata olives or some such thing absolutely makes my day. I'm still grinning about it.

And that is reason 102 that I am a very, very petty person.


Katiemagic said...

I don't think that makes you petty at all. Can I have the recipe? I can guarantee it won't be going in any Pottery Barn dishes. Ours are from Big Lots.

Stine said...

It doesn't make you petty, it makes you delightful.

And kudos on your other post. For some weird reason I don't feel able to make a post in that post, but I'm posting about it here, so there you go. How's that for a run-on sentence teach? I love me the tropical citrus NRG vitamin water. It seems to be my caffeine of choice lately because my tummy can't do coffee.

And I think I am going to try and take your inspiration of writing to inanimate objects in my blog.

JJisafool said...

I been there and I feel ya. Petty? Maybe but fuck it. I take satisfaction when the screaming kid at the grocery doesn't have any of my DNA.

...that I know of...

Katy said...

I read that whole post substituting pretty for petty and was a little confused. While you are very very pretty indeed, I couldn't figure out what your awesome mac n' cheese had to do with it.

I don't think taking pride in your culinary prowess makes you petty. I get downright grouchy when I bring something to a potluck and there's leftovers. Food is how I show my love for people and when there's love leftover it makes me grumpy.

I do however love that everybody elses's snooty food gets overlooked. Cheese is the great equalizer.

patrice said...

dude, that is fantastic. maybe it's reason #102 why you're surrounded by petty people, yet not petty yourself.

OldMotherHubbardSharesAll said...

I'd be licking the bowl clean also! I so much rather have an empty dish of good food than a full dish of "pretty" food!

I wouldn't complain about getting that recipe either!