Thursday, October 27, 2005

Can we make somefin?

Sophie asks me this question about 5 times a day. Because I am the most permissive mother in all the land, we usually bake a batch of cookies, or cupcakes, or make playdough, or pom-pom creatures, or something to add to the freakin' mess that is my house.

Today we made Halloween cupcakes. The last time she was sick, I bought applesauce, and she doesn't like it, so I found a recipe for applesauce raisin cupcakes. I figured we could decorate them with Halloween decor, and tart them around to our friends and family, impressing them with our baking and decorating prowess.

So--I'm frosting, and Sophie is adorning each cupcake with a pumpkin candy-corn type candy. Suddenly she says, "Hey mom! They're like your boobs!" I paused a moment, a bit baffled. Then looked again at the cupcakes. Here's what we had created.

It's official. Today my daughter and I made boob cupcakes.

Obviously we couldn't deliver a plate of boobs to Grandma Carolyn, Grandma Buddy, etc. So, I removed the, um, nipples, and replaced them with sprinkles and candy corn. Sigh.

On a more PG note, the Funshine costume turned out nice. I think she'll be warm and comfortable in it--and, well, she loves it, and that's what's most important.

Today's best thing about being a mom:

Boob cupcakes

Today's worst thing about being a mom;

Boob cupcakes


TD said...

Boob cupcakes... love it! I just might make some of those on purpose.

The Funshine Bear costume rocks -- I'm impressed by your craftiness. And Soph of course looks ridiculously cute in it.

TD said...

P.S. I sent you an email (to your hotmail address?) about Decidedly Indecisive – I had some nosy coworker issues. The new address is

rob said...

Wait...your boobs look like that?


the beige one said...

I am trying not to think of care bears, your ridiculously cute daughter makes that difficult.

...permissive, sure...but, lady, if your nipples look like pumpkin shaped candy corn, you need to see a doctor.

the beige one said...


and Rob owes me a coke.

Katy said...

Have I told you lately that you're a wonderful mother? I don't think what you do is permissive at all, I think it's great. Giving your daughter love and attention and something to show for her actions are all very important.

Missuz J said...

No--obviously my boobs don't look like that (insert eye rolling.) But you've got to admit, that even with the green nips, those cupcakes are, well, boobish!

amandak said...

Hilarious. That girl of yours just doesn't stop, does she. Ever-observant Sophie Gene, nothing gets by that girl.

Thanks for listening this morning.

Love you!

p.s. Funshine Soph is adorable, but I already told you that.

Jacques Roux said...

BoobCakes!!! How totally awesome!! The only thing more awesome has got to be that deliciously charming and adorable duaghter of yours. Nice work on the Funshine Bear Costume, mom.

Jen said...

Homemade Halloween costumes are the best. I look back and really appreciate the fact that my mom took the time to make me costumes as a kid. Yours is really cute, too.

Stine said...

Will that child never cease to slay me? Shitballs that's funny.

lonna said...

Boob cupcakes? Awesome! What a quick minded little girl.

I don't think that's permissive either. There is so much to learn while making stuff. It's awesome that you are so responsive to her needs. My mom used to tell me that she wasn't my entertainment and that I had to take of myself if I was bored. And I was 4 when she was saying this. I don't think that's exactly what "parenting" means. You are on the right track.

I also love the care bear outfit. It turned out great.

Kodi said...

Dude, I am so sorry I missed the boob cakes. Gotta see them tomorrow for sure. The costume turned out perfectly!

patrice said...

I saw the picture before I read the entry and I was like, those look like boobs. me and soph!

you're hysterical so it follows that your child is hysterical. and she looks adorable in that outfit. you did a great job.

if I made boob cupcakes, they'd have to sort of slide out of the cupcake mold and not be baked all the way.

NME said...

At Christmas time I was asking my cousin what her little girl needed and she told me that she didn't need any more clothes and not one more toy - but that they did alot of arts and crafts together and so anything in that arena was perfect. And it got me to thinking about how important it is to do art projects and baking with your kids. I don't think you are permissive. I think you are a prizewinning mom - with an amazing gift at making Halloween costumes, and adorable, smart and hysterical little girl and apparently one sweet pair of boobs.

grody jo-dee said...

my best friend has a three-yr-old son. the other day he was on her lap, and he starts stroking her boobs. she tells him to stop, and he says, "mommy, i like these." never too early to be a man.

OldMotherHubbardSharesAll said...

Riddle -

What kind of bees make milk?

Answer -


Just seemed kind of fitting!

j2 said...

she looks soooo adorable!!!!! the sunshiine bear is perfect with her blonde hair. that top picture is just unbelievably perfect.

ROTFL @ Rob hahahaa

j2 said...

i meant funshine and why is my pic not up? why don't i ever spellcheck my posts?