Sunday, October 09, 2005

The Krause's Summer Visit--In Haiku (looks weird in firefox)

Together at last!
Cousins should play everyday.
Fuck Albuquerque.

Three little monkeys
Think beds are made for jumping
Surely, not for naps!

Zackey-roo and Soph
If Grandma says it's ok
Then it must be so.

Think I'll take a dip.
Good thing Grandma lets me do
anything I want!

This is livin' large!
A nakey popcorn party
Piled in grandma's bed.


amandak said...


I should (hopefully) have some more pics this week from the same visit. Kids at the cabin. Not many of them came out, but some of them are cute.

Did we not get ANY of the pirate tea party? :(

Missuz J said...

None. None at all. It's such a tragedy!

lonna said...

Great pictures. Fuck Albuquerue indeed (I always spell that wrong).

I hate when you get so caught up in doing something fun that you forget to take pictures to capture the event. That happens to us all the time.

NME said...

They look like they are having SO MUCH FUN! Adorable.

Pirate tea party? A finer match has never been made. Details?

patrice said...

nakin with popcorn. that's exactly what I did this weekend, too!