Friday, October 07, 2005

Daycare is not for wimps.

"Zip it. Lock it. Put it in your pocket!"

Sophie, apparently, picked up this charming phrase at daycare. She's been using it, on me, nonstop, for about 2 weeks. Jesus Christ on toast. I have to deal with her sassing me--I know, but do I have to put up with sassing that rhymes?

She's also told me "Put that away or it's mine!" (I was holding a pair of her panties at the time) and "Stop it right now or we can't go outside today!" (Trying, at the time, to do her hair.)

It's always hilarious, interesting, and scary to get Sophie's take of what happened during daycare. Today she reported that Tyler peed on the floor, Chloe took off her pants, and Aidan pushed in line. When I asked what she had for lunch, she told me, "French fries and a pickle." I didn't pick up the menu this week, so I can only hope that was wishful thinking.

At Sophie's demand, we at home all have to line up before going outside and put our hands under the table before we eat (??) .

Yesterday, I went in her room to retrieve roll of paper towels that she had stolen. She had carefully ripped of individual towels, laid them around the room, and placed her Care Bears on them--each with an additional towel on top. When I started to pick up the towels, she shrieked, "The kids are laying on their mats! It's time for quiet time!"

I really hate that there's such a big part of her life that goes on that I don't really know about. I know that she's safe. I know that she's having fun. I just hate that it's without me. Many daycare programs now have webcams that you can check on their website. I wish hers would start something like that.

Today's best thing about being a mom:
Soph's deciding what to be for Halloween. She's gone from Rapunzel to Funshine Bear or Merryweather (a fairy on Sleeping Beauty). Holidays are much more fun when you have a little one to celebrate with.

Today's worst thing about being a mom:
Sophie has settled on "cooter" for her female genital euphemism. She was sitting in the tub, and I was telling her Spanish words for different parts of the body. When I didn't know "Spanish for cooter" she threw a full fledged fit, flooding the bathroom with her screening and splashing. Is there a Spanish word for cooter that isn't totally vulgar?


the beige one said...

me mum always used "sipuleta" for my little sisters, or "sipu" for short.

see poo

there may be others. If it magically comes up with her, I'll let you know.

Missuz J said...

Gracias! My Spanish pretty much covers the days of the week, colors, numbers, and "Yo quiero me madre! Donde esta el bano!"

lonna said...

We're starting to see little rules from daycare applied at home too. Dermot always takes his snack or a drink to his Little Tikes table in the foyer. I think it reminds him of his little table at day care. Dermot can't talk much yet, but I'm a little anxious about what he'll say is going on at day care too. I send all of Dermot's food with him, but I am never totally sure that they give it to him and that they don't let him eat anything else.

My Spanish boils down to curse words. I had two different roommates of Puerto Rican descent. So my Spanish is also spoken with a Puerto Rican accent.

rob said...

"Today she reported that Tyler peed on the floor, Chloe took off her pants, and Aidan pushed in line."

I've had nights like that.

Of all the weblogs I read, yours slays me the most. Well done

Post - In a pinch, you can just call it "la cooter".

Post post - Tengo un mono en mis pantalones.

KATIEmagic said...

I think my life would be complete if I knew the spanish word for all body parts. "Ellis, put your (insert spanish word for penis) away or we're not going outside."

Katy said...

Merryweather!! I totally vote for Merryweather!! I'll even make her costume!!!

rob said...

"Many daycare programs now have webcams that you can check on their website. I wish hers would start something like that."

My Grinchy heart needed to grow 3 sizes this evening, so I revisited. Upon reading this I remembered something on which I had forgotten to comment before.

My mother always told me, "The hardest part about being a parent is letting go."

I'd think that the hardest part about being a parent in the Internet age is avoiding the restraining orders.

grody jo-dee said...

i would totally die laughing if my daughter said "cooter" to me. how do you keep a straight face? :)

patrice said...

though I don't know the spanish word for "cooter", I think that you could use my verification word:


look at it this way - she's all wrapped up in day care now, but at some point, she'd be wrapped up in kindergarten. what I mean is, it sucks big time, but at some point, you don't get to be there all the time. at least that's how I justify it.

the beige one said...

Tengo un mono en mis pantalones.

Rob has mono in his pants, people. as I've always claimed, that skank is stank.