Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Couldn't resist

I know I just posted a bunch of pictures, but these are so cute, I couldn't resist. Every Halloween, Janzen and I (and now Sophie) drive to Paragonah to the pumpkin patch. Paragonah is a "suburb" of Parowan which is a suburb of Cedar City--which last I heard has a population of about 24 thousand. I think about 12 people live in Paragonah. There is a sign on the way into town that says "No shooting in town limits." The sign, is of course, riddled with gun shots. It's not unlikely there to pass a front yard that has 3 rusting trucks, 2 old mobile homes, and a sheep or two thrown in for good measure.

The pumpkin patch is behind the home of a VERY old couple. A sweet old grandma weighs your pumpkins on a 200 year old scale, then charges about 10 cents a pound. If she doesn't feel like collecting money, or is out getting her hair shellacked, there is a sign that says, "Please put money in the pumpkin." Said pumpkin is an old plastic trick-or-treat bucket that sits on top of the scale. This year, the sign also says, "Free pumpkins for children of the 222." (The 222 is the national guard unit from So. Utah that is currently in Iraq.)

Soph liked the patch, but was a little freaked out by the pumpkin vines. They are pretty prickly, and walking through them is a bit of a challenge. I ended up hauling her around on my hip. Janzen makes a very careful study before picking out his pumpkin--searching for the perfect one.

We stopped in Parowan on the way back to have lunch with Erik at the "Frost Stop." (Parowan is the county seat.) On the way home, Janz and I listened to "Wonder Boy" about 10 times, and he told me about the website I hope to god that he doesn't visit it on his own. After some investigation, as you'll see, I found that the site is pretty sexually explicit, as well as grossly scatalogical. (Well, what do you expect.) Apparently, a "Poo Poo McGoo" is not only Sophie's favorite toddler curse word, but is a prank one plays on a passed out friend. (Fill up a pair of swimming goggles with poo and strap them on passed out "friend."

Back to the pumpkins. This year, we ended up with 87 pounds of pumpkins, which are currently residing in my dining room window box. Soph loves to pat them and talk to them. "So, ummm, Pumpkin. How ya doin'?"


KATIEmagic said...

What fun! There's a pumpkin patch near our house but we haven't gone. We didn't want to be that freak couple with no kids in the pumpkin patch. But next year, we're totally there. I can't wait. Sophie's hair is TOO CUTE in those pictures!

patrice said...

the town is even better than the pumpkins. excellent imagery.

I think nicole is throwing up over the poo poo mcgoo.

amandak said...

I MISS the pumpkin patch!!

Wish we could have been there, and the pictures are precious, as always.

Jen said...

Great pictures. I think is is too funny that Sophie talks to the pumpkins :)

lonna said...

We're going to a pumpkin patch on Friday morning with Dermot. He's going to get a pumpkin and he gets to play with farm animals. I hope that he likes it as much as it seems like he should. I love that mailing letters rocked Sophie's world. I totally remember fighting with my brother about who got to put the mail in the mailbox. Good Times.

Kodi said...

The pic's are adorable. Sophie was so funny last night. I could talk to her for hours.
Kendall totally scarfed down your cookies. Thanks.

NME said...

I want to go pick pumpkins!

I however don't want to hear one word more about bodily evacuation. I might have to clean it up everyday but I'm generally not a big fan. Thanks.

grody jo-dee said...

at 87 pounds, you HAVE to treat them like people. :) sounds fun.

rob said... about the power to pick out the perfect pumpkin from ninety yards away...with miiiiiiiiiind bullets!