Monday, January 16, 2006

32 Pick-up (Happy Birthday Mandy!)

In honor of my big sis's birthday tomorow, (it's my first day back full time at school, and the first day of the new semester tomorrow--so I probably won't get a chance to post) here are 32 random things about the queen of the Krause House. (Seems like not too long ago, I was so jealous of those 18 months she has on me. Not so much anymore. ;)

1. Don't get behind her at the salad bar. She's known to pick her lettuce a leaf at a time, and to consider with great seriousness every other item she puts on it.

2. When she orders a sandwich at a restaurant, she has to disassemble it, and then reassemble it with everything in perfect order, and in perfect balance.

3. She's VERY opposed to her eggs having ANY slime on them.

4. Girl can DANCE!

5. Mand won some impressive award for math in elementary school. Can't remember what it was, but it was a big deal.

6. Queen Krause is a big time reader. She introduced me to all of my favorites: Anne McCaffrey, Robin McKinley, Robert Heinlein, Tamora Pierce.

7. Not only that, but she's an excellent cook! My personal favorites are her brisket and tiramisu.

8. Her hands are very elegant and delicate to the point of looking and feeling very fragile. Whenever I hold her hand, it makes me want to put some mittens on them to protect them.

9. She enjoys the "good stuff." cashmere sweaters, Tanguray gin, salon hair products, etc.

10. Mand has been practicing yoga for 10ish years, and is currently working toward becoming a certified yoga instructor.

11. She is a cookie decorator extrordinaire.

12. When we were little, we both complained that we had been given no middle names. Dad dubbed her "Amanda Lou Gene." I only recently realized that one of the reasons "Sophie Gene" resonated with me so deeply was because I was giving her Mand's pseudo middle name. (In case you were wondering, I was/am Rebecca Sue Ann.)

13. Mandy rarely, if ever, looses anything. (Unlike me. I've turned loosing things into an art.)

14. Once when she got a speeding ticket, she waited until the middle of church, and told my dad about it via a note. Pretty clever, actually. During the years that she and I were stuck in church together, we filled up the program with notes (how I wish we had saved those) and played thousands of rounds of the "dot game."

15. Her lips are perfectly shaped.

16. Traveling makes her irregular.

17. She and I dated at least 10 of the same guys--but rarely simultaneously.

18. She looks amazing in red.

19. Enjoys listening to raunchy hip-hop music.

20. Is a huge Prince fan

21. Hit a rocky patch where she dated several unsavory--and unworthy guys, one of whom went by "Griz"

22. Has never been a smoker of cigarettes

23. Thinks the Wiggle Anthony and Joe of Blues Clue's are kind of cute

24. Enjoys Ben and Jerry's Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream

25. Is a darn good skier

26. Likes graham cracker sticks dipped in strawberry cream cheese.

27. Mandy helped me pay for my first car.

28. Has become an excellent painter (of walls and such)

29. Has fond, rather than nightmarish, memories of middle school.

30. Worked the drivethrough at McDonalds for a while during college

31. Was actually married AFTER her little sis (I married 7 months before she did)

32. Never cleans her plate.

So--I've inevitably left the most important things out. If you know Madame Krause, leave a detail or two in the comments here, and of course, drop by her blog today or tommorow to wish her a happy birthday!

Today's best thing about being a mom:
Blowing raspberries in her belly button

Today's worst thing about being a mom:
That girl will not listen. I told her she could NOT get into my nail polish yesterday. Today she painted the bathroom wall with it while I blogged this list. Then--after I spanked her butt, she sobbed, "It was a present for you Mommy!" This as after last night, when she drew all over the table with green crayon and I told her crayons and markers and paint are for PAPER ONLY. (An update, 30 minutes after I posted this--purple marker, on her bedroom wall. I don't want to beat my child--ok, I kind of do--but I cannot figure out a way to get her to DO WHAT I SAY. I think she's doing all of this on principle. I'm totally stumped.)


~A~ said...

Happy Birthday to your Sis. Big sisters need to be worshiped with reverence. And I totally agree with her that slimy eggs are really really gross.

Yeah wall art is something I never fully got control of, unless I took everything way that could be used as an art medium. I have a hallway to repaint this spring that a budding Picasso decorated while I was planting our garden. And Muffin Man took to claiming "his room" and "property" by writing his name on everything that he says is his with a sharpie. I curse the day I thought them to read and write!

Anonymous said...

A few more things about your amazing sister:

Sophie Gene has more in common with her made-up middle names than you might think. Sophia is a middle name I use for your sister and I was more than a little impressed with the karmic serendipity of your choice for your daughter's name, knowing the Gene end of your story from before.

She has a true connection to the man commonly known as Prince, despite the fact that she is not black, short, male, or from Minnesota. "Darling Nikki" anyone?

No one, anywhere, has a better appreciation for the value of truth.

She has just about the most loyal heart for friends that I have ever encountered.

Mandy is an outstanding pen pal.

Your big sis also looks divine in black.

She is the only woman I know who keeps up Christopher Lee's discipline of reading the Lord of the Rings on an annual basis.

Despite living for so many years in Cedar, she has a deep and abiding understanding of Seattle.

Your sister has a tremendously courageous soul, willing to challenge a lifetime of expectations to seek her own salvation outside the church.

She loves easily and without pretense.

In high school, you couldn't find her more than fifteen minutes separated from a diet coke.

Glasses allow her to hide her sparkling eyes and her unstoppable curiosity.

She has a talent for performance that she doesn't show just anyone.

She makes friends easily.

She inspires devotion in those who know her.

Her soul shines like a morning star.

Her sisters are celestial, glittering, and transcendant.

What a great idea and opportunity for us all. Thanks for doing this.

Missuz J said...

Thanks, umm, Griff. I decided to limit my list to actual facts/things, not character traits, so I'm VERY glad you included several on your list.

Maybe during the couple years our family lived in Minnesota, some Prince mojo seeped into her via osmosis.

NME said...

What a great list! Griz, huh? That's good stuff indeed. As is decent gin - but I prefer Bombay. And the speeding ticket story is PRICELESS.

I only know Mandy via her blog, and the blogs of you and Katy - but she seems like such an incredibly smart, cool and beutiful person. Despite like Joe - when Steve from Blue's Clues was CLEARLY cuter in a more interesting way.

Stine said...

Ok, so here are a few more traits/facts/perceptions of the fantabulous Mandy:

- She is more beautiful than she will ever give herself credit for - the bitch is HOT!

- She can cook to put most people to shame. My favorite was the shrimp enchiladas.

- You all will have to forgive this one - but the girl has a really nice rack.

- She is one of the three wisest people I know, and she has absolutely no idea.

- She is one of the funnest people to just sit around and laugh your ass off with. I'm talking about the laughing where you don't make sound you're laughing so hard.

- She is a doting and attentive mother, who has great visions for her children.

- She cares fiercely for her sisters and is devotely loyal.

- Her mind is a fountain of knowledge and statistical smarts.

- The girl is bendy - yoga anyone?

- She constantly teaches me about the connection between head and heart.

- Frankly, she just constantly teaches me so much.

Happy, happy birthday my dear!

patrice said...

so sweet!! and damn, I missed her birthday. fuck.

only having known her a short time and from email and blog, the only thing I can say is that she seems very serene, astute, and adult. when I was complaining about my mother in law, she very rightly said "I guess you just have to let go" which was very wise and very true. of course, because I am much more petty and childish than she is, I wasn't able to, but I know I should have.

lonna said...

Happy Birthday Mandy. What a sweet list. These are the types of things that only people who really care about each notice.

amandak said...

Awww! Oh my gosh guys, thank you so much (especially Becky, you rock!). I'm bummed I missed out on reading this on my actual birthday (damn computer), but it was lovely to have it read to me (thanks again Beck!). Whenever I need a little pick me up, I know where to come.