Wednesday, January 11, 2006

More from Sin City

In a highly unfair twist of mechanical mayhem yesterday, my computer was BROKEN. Luckily for me, my husband is both super sexy and super clever with hardware. Apparently something was majorly fucked-up with the hive. Now--I know I've been hearing some buzzing, but hive? Anyhoo, he fixed 'er up, and now, I shall recommence the tale of the Vegas trip--and throw a few other morsels in here and there.

So--Saturday morning, I woke up and realized that if we left at 9:00, which was my plan, with the time change from Utah to Vegas, we'd arrive at 11:00 Vegas--2 hours before our lunch date. I blame genetics. My grandmother leaves for things DAYS before, and my mother (although she's getting much better) can barely take a shit without an intinerary. I called Kods and Katy, and suggested that we leave at 10:30 rather than 9:00, to which they both answered something like, "Yea, I wondered why we were leaving so early." Fuck girls. You have to let me know when I'm being neurotic. I can't pick it up on my own anymore.

So--after a couple of false starts, we headed down the freeway. I had burned us a couple of great singin' in the car CD's (Allison Krause, Patty LaBelle, Joan Osbourne, etc.) and we rocked the miles away.

Whether I want to admit it out loud or not, I have lived most of my life in a small southern Utah town, and Vegas traffic is a bit scary for me. When stressed and driving, I tend to sing to other drivers--so we merged from I15 to the 95, me singing "Moooother fucker! Let me meeeerge! Fuuuck-o-rama! You drive like my aaaass!" Because map-quest is apparently run by monkeys, or at best, lemurs, I had a bit of trouble getting us to the meeting place (Memphis Barbecue) but eventually made it.

That's when my nerves started up. I wanted Patrice to think I was funny--cool--nice--quirky, but knew in my heart I would come off as a fat boring fraud. Then I started to worry--when she comes in, should I hug her? Is she a huggy kind of person? A handshake? Just hello? I began to wish that we had all brough lap-tops, and could just IM each other wittily across the table.

Luckily, when P and family arrived, things felt, I don't know, right. (The 2 screwdrivers might have helped.) Lunch was lovely, and although I probably over compensated just a little (ok--more than a little) I don't think I came off as a TOTAL spaz.

After lunch, I at least, wasn't ready to say goodbye--so we all headed back to the Paris (Kodi behind the wheel, as I was just a TRIFLE inebriated.) We met in the casino, wandered for a bit, and then Kods, Patrice, and I headed off to do some gambling. I stuck a ten in the video poker, chose deuces wild (my favorite) and some 10 minutes later, was the proud winner of one hundred smacks. My favorite part of the day was when, after I had cashed my voucher, Patrice nudged me and said, "Remember that time we were in Vegas and you won a hundred bucks?"

Fuck, I have so much more to add, but E's great grandmother died, and I have to go get ready to sing at her funeral. (I'm not insensitive. She was ninety-million. Not a surprise or anything.) More later.

Today's best thing about being a mom:
Soph keeps requesting that we listen to the "Chicky Chicky Ya Ya" song. Lady Marmalade. Yes.

Today's worst thing about being a mom:
Caught her giving herself a hair cut AGAIN this morning.


Jacques Roux said...

Every social situation goes better with vodka. That's a mantra for life.

OldMotherHubbardSharesAll said...

My favorite part of the day was when, after I had cashed my voucher, Patrice nudged me and said, "Remember that time we were in Vegas and you won a hundred bucks?"

This is why I have become obsessed with reading y'alls blogs - this is something that I would say and some of my friends would just stare at me like I was a freak - not acknowledge that it is one of the favorite things!

Your too cool for words!

amandak said...

That sounds like such fun. Glad to get part deux, I was wondering where you were at yesterday.

Yay for screwdrivers! Maybe I'll try that tonight, I think I have the technology to accomplish it. Yes, I do.

thelyamhound said...

How do people NOT leave hours earlier than they need to? I need to prepare for every eventuality, especially if there are cars, traffic, parking, drugs, alcohol, food or weather involved. Oh, and sex. Otherwise, things will start without me and people who don't deserve it will be having MY fun, dammit.

lonna said...

I get everywhere early too. Oh well.

I can't believe that E even has a great grandmother. Wow! My grandparents both died within the last three years, and I never knew my other set. I certainly never knew my great grandparents.

This is totally an aside, but I rented an apartment from Allison Krause's dad after my senior year of college. She's from Champaign-Urbana, Illinois originally, and her dad's a slum lord who tried to rip me off of my security deposit.

~A~ said...

Did you have that awkward moment when you realize that to your online friends you may have shared a bit more information about yourself then you would to your real life friends?

I'm glad you had a great time and w00t on the win. Did you blow it on laundry service?

Oh and can you teach Rob about leaving early? I'll give you one of my kids in return. :D

the beige one said...

That's right! Laundry service!

NME said...

I love your curse-laden car singing. It would make traffic FUN.

It sounds like you had a great time. Again - I'm so sad I couldn't be there too. I could use a couple of screwdrivers. Maybe next time.

patrice said...

hey, remember that time we all met up in vegas? we should totally do it again. (the joke gets old after one telling. sorry.)

anyways, I'm getting caught up here, but let me just say that I too thought it would be weird and I was a little nervous as well, and it felt like we all knew each other from way back when. my favorite part was when me and you and kodi went off on our own. you guys are cool as shit.