Saturday, January 14, 2006

Fun with soap and water

This is a little set up that is a combination of 2 montesorri activities Soph LOVES at school. I just gave her a cookie sheet, 2 containers of water with a drop of food coloring, some dish soap, a whisk (a rotary beater would be MUCH better) and a turkey baister. Here that moms? Soap and water. She had fun with this FOR EVER! Yes, it was a bit messy, but most of the mess stayed on the cookie sheet, and as for the rest, it's soap and water for cripes sake.

Fun things that she discovered to do were: move the water from container to container with the baister, use the whisk to make bubbles and, (one I hadn't envisioned) use the baister to BLOW BUBBLES! I actually wanted to give that a try, but she wouldn't relinquish the baister, so I just had to go back to cleaning the kitchen.

In a much messier turn of events, Soph had a little pantsless pizza making party the other day. It was one of those times where I was being totally clueless, and she was going about her business, until I stopped and went--"Hmmm. It's awfully quiet in here. She had taken the flour out of the pantry, put it in a bowl (and all over the floor) added some water, and voila! Pizza dough! I'm not exactly sure how the pantslessness came into effect, other than I can never get that kid to stay completely dressed.

Today's best thing about being a mom:
Soph and I made bird feeders today. You know--the kind you made in kindergarten when you spread peanut butter on a toilet paper tube, and then rolled it in bird seed? Anyway--that was kind of fun.

Today's worst thing about being a mom:
If I pick up ONE more tiny bead from the Polly Pocket Beading Machine I may go mad.


rob said...


But they are all so tragically tasteless when told in regards to a 3 year old girl.

I must exorcise this terrible comedy somehow. Time to go kick a limbless midget who's dying of AIDS.

Be right back...

~A~ said...

Yes, I would have to kick his ass if he made any tasteless jokes.

Yes, we're semi-clothes and montesorrish here too.

I wonder why my kids have store bought toys. A couple favs here are a pillow case that contains a muffin tin and tennis balls, hours of games there. And then the sticky contact/lamination paper, I roll out a nice size section on that, and duct tape it sticky side up on the floor. The kids run barefoot over it, like giant fly paper. It's all fun and games till the kid that's nekked potty training gets pushed down and lands on their heiney. Then it's just funny.

Now they're growing in to the world of science experiments and observation. We have containers of crickets, preying mantis, worms and root viewers all over the place; just one gigantic and happy bio-dome.

lonna said...

I guess that Sophie's pants are still trying to kill her.

Dermot could play with water for days. I am going to have to keep this activity in my head for a time when Dermot needs to be busy for a while.

Katy said...

Have you ever seen that episode of Jimmy Neutron where he puts computer chips in his pants so they'll pick themselves up and all the pants in town develop minds of their own and try and take over Retroville and everyone in Retroville is running around in their underwear and then the pants go to a big store called World of Pants and corrupt other pants and it's like when animals attack...only with pants? Was that the longest run on EVER??? Anyway, maybe Sophie's a child genius and outfitted all of her pants with microchips and they really ARE trying to kill her....maybe.

Kodi said...

God you're a good mom. Maybe this summer I'll teach her how to lift rocks and find bugs underneath. Whaddya think?

NME said...

That water setup even sound fun for me. I'm definitely going to use that in a couple of months. And I think I will incorporate mopping at the end of it. Cuz I boy has GOT to learn the fun of mopping.

patrice said...

it's expensive and doesn't teach kids anything (in fact, it may do more harm than good if kids think that they can do this with all paint/markers) but maybe you want to try the color wonder stuff? it's crayola's markers and paint that only work on special paper.

I have an antique table that used to be my sister's, and it has her daughter's name, nichole, carved into it. I remember my sister showing me another of her daughter's branding, where though she was upset about it being in sharpie marker, she was thrilled that it was spelled correctly and even had little dots at the end of each line, so it looked very "country". so I guess this happens to every mother, especially with girls?