Wednesday, February 22, 2006


No one really tagged me, but my brain has been so fuzzy for some reason today. Can’t think of anything to do but write a list.

Four jobs I've had.
1. Yogurt jockey at “Sounds Yummy Yogurt”
2. Floral Department Manager at “Hurst’s Hardware and Crafts”
3. Visitor’s Center Attendant (Post Card Salesperson) Kolob/Zion National Park and Cedar Breaks National Management
4. Extended School Year Coordinator (Summer School Bitch), Iron County School District

Movies I can watch over and over again
1. Get Shorty
2. Almost Famous
3. Bull Durham
4. Out of Sight

Four places I've lived.
1. Christchurch, New Zealand
2. Coon Rapids, Minnesota
3. Monterey, California
4. Cedar City, Utah

Four TV shows I love.
1. Firefly
2. Northern Exposure
3. Dancing with the Stars
4. The Daily Show

Four places I've vacationed.
1. Disneyland
2. Las Vegas
3. Logan, Utah
4. Seattle

Four of my favorite dishes.
1. The Piggy Special at The Market Grill (scrambled eggs with diced ham, hash browns, sourdough toast)
2. Fried Chicken (SO BAD!! I hate to even admit it.)
3. After Thanksgiving turkey sandwiches with lots of cranberry sauce
4. Spanikopita a la Jennifer

Four sites I visit daily.
1. Baby Attack
2. Strangeafeet
3. Krause House
4. Katydidz

Four places I would rather be right now.
1. About Face Day Spa
2. Home
3. Almost any beach
4. At yoga

Today’s best thing about being a mom:
Soph has taken to crawling in bed with me at about 2:00. This is a problem for many reasons, but she always says the funniest things when she first wakes up. A couple days ago, she said straight up and said, “Oh no! My cake is ruined.” Today it was, “Quick! I need my medical kit!”

Today’s worst thing about being a mom:
Fuzzy brain as a result of being KICKED in the stomach for about 4 hours in the wee hours of this morning.


Stine said...

Coon Rapids? That's hilarious.

And I don't care who knows, fried chicken RULZ! Especially mine, if I do say so myself.

Kodi said...

God, that Soph. I would love to see the world through her eyes, just so I would know what prompted the "quick, I need my medical bag". Wish you still worked at Kolob, though I know that is selfish of me as it pays buttkiss.

~A~ said...

I can totally see you as a yogurt jockey. Only after I admit that I worked at a hot dog start up called the "Dog Spot" or something like that.

I just have to say that I love Sophie. Not in some internet psycho way; she just reminds me of my own spawn.

thelyamhound said...

I loves me some fried chicken. Can we have a moratorium on food guilt? If it makes anyone feel any better, I like pork rinds.

TD said...

Holy crap! I just posted a picture of Todd's Thanksgiving Sandwich to my Flickr account.

Great minds, I tell you...

KATIEmagic said...

Ha! A yogurt jockey. I'm picturing you with your crop behind the counter.

NME said...

I love Northern Exposure and would certainly love the piggy special - though I prefer bacon... to almost anything.

Someone left Soph's cake out in the rain. I don't think that she can take it. Cause it took so long to bake it. And she'll never have that recipe again. OH NO!

patrice said...

I think you should seriously consider taking sophie out on the road. you'd make some coin. especially in coon rapids, I would guess.